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Legobug407 is a long-term builder of Runsafe. Ever since entering the server on the account of "iliketoeatpenuts" in the fall of 2011, Lego has mainly built on the server. Lego is most notably known for his 2 PvP arenas (Legobug407_3 & Legobug407_7) and Runsafe city (Runsafe_city), where he is 1 of the 3 owners along with Iliketoeatpenuts and Proto007. Lego has also made smaller plots such as his 2 modern house plots (Legobug407_1 & Legobug407_2), a spleef arena (Legobug407_5) and he has invented a game called "Array" at Legobug407_array. Legobug407 has been noted as a "Notable Builder" along with Bergrand & Pleco18. 2013-05-15 22.17.09.png Legobug407 in front of his statue at Bug_city (District of Runsafe_city)