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A guy who makes bad decisions.

The Troll rank is used by staff to flag a player for rule-breaks. This prevents them doing anything past talking in chat until a moderator or admin can follow up with a possible ban. Trolls do not have access to any commands and can not walk into any portals. Ban appeals can be made on our TeamSpeak3 server. When speaking in chat, a Troll will appear with a light gray name.


The default rank.

This is the default rank players used to be given when they first joined the server. A Guest is allowed to explore the creative and survival worlds as well as take part in mini games, however they have limited command access until promoted. When speaking in chat, a Guest will appear with a white name.


A regular player.

The most common rank on the server, a Builder has free-reign over the survival world, the right to own plots in creative, and access to most of the basic sever commands. Any Guest can become a Builder by asking staff nicely for a promotion, and this is arguably the most common rank on the server. When speaking in chat, a Builder will appear with a lime green name.

Visit the Builder page to see some Wiki Pages from Builder's.

Builder +

Long term dedicated Builder.

This rank, unlike any other, is given to builders automatically by the server if they have spent enough time playing on Runsafe since the end of 2012. The exact amount time one must spend on the server to get the automatic promotion remains undisclosed. Builder+ (along with all ranks above it) gives the player access to The Lounge, but they do not gain any authority over regular builders. Any ranks above Builder+ cannot be obtained by asking. Higher ranks are given to players for various reasons, and decisions about further promotions are made internally by our Admins. When speaking in chat, a Builder+ will appear with a green name.

Visit the Builder+ page to see some Wiki Pages from Builder+ Members.

Builder + gain the following Privileges on the Runsafe Server:

  • Access to the lounge.
  • Have up to 7 Survival homes.


Very magical.

Wizard is a mystical rank awarded to some players for various reasons. While they are not staff, they are often ex-staff, long time Runsafe players, friends of the admins, and/or generally well respected figures on the server. However, the rank is not awarded to all ex-staff. Some wizards will continue to assist staff and help the admins keep track of problems on the server that they may have overlooked. If you see a wizard, know that they are recognized by the Runsafe community for whatever they may have contributed in the past and should be treated respectably. When speaking in chat, a Wizard will appear with an orange name.

  • Currently Runsafe has 24 Wizards.

Wizards gain the following Privileges on the Runsafe Server:

  • Access to the lounge.
  • Have up to 7 Survival homes.


The server DOG.

The AI rank stands for "Artificial Intelligence". The server AI's all serve different purposes that can range from helping players to killing them. When an AI speaks in chat it appears light blue.

  • Currently Runsafe now has 1 Server AI
  • Dog - acts a basic moderator on the server


Server Staff.

A Moderator is a staff member who works below the admins to enforce rules and help players. When needed, moderators can also ban players, but this generally requires approval from an admin. See Staff Duties for more info. When speaking in chat, a Moderator will appear with a blue name.

Currently Runsafe has 4 Moderators.

Moderators gain the following wiki privileges:

  • Create users
  • Block users
  • Protect pages
  • Edit protected pages

Moderators gain the following Privileges on the Runsafe Server:

  • A greatly extended range of server commands (Which can be found on the Command Reference)
  • Have up to 9 Survival homes.


A wild admin.

Admins are the server owners, split into developers, In-game Content Designers, and Community Manager. A developer works behind the scenes to improve the server. The community manager handles advertising, PR, and much more. Admins have access to all commands on the server, and all generally collaborate to manage staff, plan/run server events, and prevent anything from catching on fire. See Staff Duties for more info. When speaking in chat, an admin will appear with a red name.

Currently Runsafe has 5 Admins.

Admins gain the following Privileges on the Runsafe Server:

  • Admins hold all the commands the server has.
  • Have up to 100 Survival homes.