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Below, you will find general info on the different player ranks, and lists of current Wizards/AI/Staff Team members. For a list of commands players & staff have access to, see Command Reference. For a list of general duties staff are expected to cover for the Runsafe Minecraft server, see Staff Duties. For more information on how staff are expected to go about their duties, see Staff Guidelines.


He made bad decisions

The Troll rank is used by staff to flag a player for rule-breaks. This prevents them doing anything past talking in chat, especially when jailed. Trolls do not have access to any commands. Trolls do gain access to the ban appeal channels on our Discord server, should they wish to appeal their rank or ban. When speaking in chat, a Troll will appear with a light gray name.


Behold, a player

The most common rank on the server, a Builder has free-reign over the Survival world, the right to own plots in Creative, the ability to play minigames like Spleef or Parkour, access to the PvP Arena, and access to most of the basic sever commands. They can also participate in server Events. When speaking in chat, a Builder will appear with a lime green name.

Builders have the following Privileges on the Runsafe Server:

Builder +

An experienced player

This rank, unlike any other, is given to regular Builders automatically by the server when they have spent enough time playing on Runsafe, and have met other undisclosed requirements (since the end of 2012). The exact amount time one must spend on the server remains undisclosed. Builder+ acts as a rank of recognition for experienced Runsafe players, but they are not staff. Ranks higher than this are given based on the needs and considerations of the admins, and cannot be obtained by playing or applying. When speaking in chat, a Builder+ will appear with a green name.

Visit the Builder+ page to see some Wiki Pages from Builder+ Members.

Builder + gains the following Privileges on the Runsafe Server:


Very magical

Wizard is a mystical rank awarded for various reasons. Wizards are typically friends of the admins and significant server contributors, and frequently ex-staff as well (though not always). Some Wizards may choose to assist the admins and staff, despite not being a part of the staff team. The extent of any given Wizard's power is unclear, but they are known to be imbued with some sort of Magic otherwise held only by the admins. If you see a Wizard, know that they are recognized by the administration for whatever they may have contributed in the past. When speaking in chat, a Wizard will appear with a gold name.

Currently Runsafe has 36 Wizards.

Wizards gain the following Privileges on the Runsafe Server:

  • It is unclear what commands/permissions any particular Wizard may have access to
  • Access to The Lounge
  • Up to 15 Survival homes


Good boy!

The AI rank stands for "Artificial Intelligence". The server AIs all serve different purposes, ranging from helping players to killing them. When an AI speaks in chat, it appears with a light blue name.

Runsafe currently has 3 Server AI:

Super Users

omg hes so cool

A Super-User is essentially a low-key staff member (below the full Moderator rank) who helps other players and enforces rules as needed. This rank is typically awarded to certain players the admins appreciate, whom they also feel confident in offering some extra authority and command access. Super-Users function as insurance against the occasion of the higher level staff overlooking troublemakers or players in need. The number of Super-Users tends to vary based on the needs of the server, and active/viable players. When speaking in chat, a Super-User will appear with a purple name.

Runsafe currently has 0 Super Users.

Super User gain the following Privileges on the Runsafe Server:


I'm so blue

Moderators are staff members who work just below the admins to enforce rules and help players in need. They make up the bulk of our staff team. Notably, Moderators have the power to ban players if needed, along with other permissions not granted to Super-Users. Moderators typically have immense trust from the admins, and most of them start out as a Super-User. When speaking in chat, a Moderator will appear with a blue name.

Runsafe currently has 3 Moderators:

Moderators gain the following Privileges on the Runsafe Server:


Code Monkey

Admins are the server owners, and the head of staff. The admins bring a variety of skill-sets to the table, collectively handling tasks such as hosting, developing/coding, in-game content design, marketing, community management, and more. Admins have access to all commands on the server, and will generally collaborate to design events & content for the server, manage staff & community moderation, and prevent everything from catching fire. When speaking in chat, an Admin will appear with a red name.

Runsafe currently has 6 Admins:

Admins gain the following Privileges on the Runsafe Server:

  • Access to all commands/permissions on the server
  • Access to The Lounge
  • Access to The Console (Developers & Operators)
  • Up to 100 Survival homes