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The "Runsafe Revival" is a loose term for the sudden ignition of player activity on Runsafe Minecraft in 2023, following many years of dormancy (despite the server having largely remained online since its inception). This occurred at a time when the Minecraft server was a mere week away from being shut down permanently.


The revival kicked off with the virality of a video by YouTuber Redlyne, who uploaded a video going into September 2023 "exploring forgotten Minecraft servers". Runsafe was featured prominently in the first four minutes, with Redlyne exploring the in-game worlds, as well as out-of-game content such as the Runsafe Reddit & Wiki. The video rapidly reached 1,000,000+ views over the course of September, progressively bringing curious new players and Runsafe veterans alike onto the server. Among the first new players to enter were Max8abug & his friends, followed by LachiDaPotato & Ratlys, who set out recording their own "100 days in Survival" challenge for Lachi's YouTube channel.

Existing admins Centralan & RainbowDeborah resumed work on the server, the former revamping PvE and rapidly creating a Halloween Event for October, and the latter picking up development work on classic plugins such as Dergons, as well as getting a server update off the ground (From version 1.8.8 to version 1.12.2). Branterson returned as well, to further aid the admin team. Veteran player TracerON joined the staff team as a Moderator, and donated their talents to build updated Spawn locations for the server. Wizard/Ex-Admin Zozael (formerly "JettKuso") returned for the first time since early 2014, ultimately rejoining the admins to aid with marketing and general server upkeep. Oddly, The tunnel abruptly returned in the form of The Tunnel 3 around this time.

The revival perhaps culminated at the end of October with the launch of Runsafe on version 1.12.2, a major overhaul spearheaded by RainbowDeborah, with the heavy involvement of docpify and assistance from the present admin team, especially Centralan. The 1.12 launch saw the return of the legacy rank Super User (see Player Ranks), with new revival players Max8abug, Willopillo, and Ratlys gradually being awarded the role to kick it off.


With the current administration looking to gradually improve the Minecraft server & its features, as well as delve deeper into updated content & marketing, Runsafe appears to be "back" and moving forward into 2024. It presently offers simultaneously classic & unique gameplay with buckets of legacy for today's generation of players.

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