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Clans is the official Runsafe feature for forming alliances and tracking progress in the Survival world. Clans are ranked on a public leaderboard for their overall success and formidability in the Survival world. Additional features and rewards for top ranked clans are in the works, stay tuned!

Quick Info

  • A clan can be started by any 2-6 players, using the command /clan create <TAG>. For more details, refer to the Clan Commands below.
  • A clan's name is represented using a three character "Clan Tag", such as "DBD" or "KOS". These tags are typically an acronym or shortened version of a full name.
  • Some clans on Runsafe represent alliances that date back over a decade, to the early years of the server.

Clan Leaderboard

The Clan Leaderboard displays the current top five clans. It can be viewed in-game or on the Main Page. Rank is based on how many enemy clan members and Dergons a clan has killed, as well as overall clan size. Being killed by enemy clan members negatively affects ranking. The leaderboard only tracks data from the previous 60 days. If your clan reaches the leaderboard, you can submit a custom clan icon to Zozael for approval & display (please, nothing blatantly inappropriate).

Clan Commands

Clan Leader Commands:

  • /clan create <TAG> - Starts a clan, with you being the leader. The Clan Tag can be any three letters, though we don't recommend obscene choices. You will receive a Clan Charter (a book), which at least one friend must sign to officially start the clan.
  • /clan kick <clanmember> - Removes a player from your clan.
  • /clan invite <player> - Invites a player to your clan.
  • /clan motd <message> - Sets a "message of the day" that your clan members will see when they log in.
  • /clan passleadership <clanmember> - Gives your leadership to another clan member.
  • /clan disband - Disbands your clan (deletes it completely).

General Clan Commands:

  • /clan rankings - Lists the current top five clans (based on the last 60 days of activity).
  • /clan list - Lists all existing clans.
  • /clan join <TAG> - Accepts an invite from a clan.
  • /clan info <TAG> - Lists the stats for said clan.
  • /clan lookupplayer <player> - Checks which clan a player is in, provided they have joined one.
  • /2 <message> - Sends a message in your Clan Channel, a private chat channel for members of your clan. (Note: For staff this is /3)
  • /clan flare - Broadcasts your current co-ordinates in the Clan Channel.
  • /clan alltimeranking - Lists the top five clans of all time (This serves more as a general statistic than a primary ranking system).

Clan Rules

  • Please avoid making clan tags that are considerably overtly obscene, or staff may disband your clan.
  • As a safeguard against exploits, one player is not allowed join a single clan with multiple accounts, by default. An Admin must give clearance in order to bend this rule.
  • If a player joins multiple clans using different accounts, they must play actively on both accounts. We are not fond of idle accounts to boost clan size.
  • Do not trick players into joining a clan. This includes anything from verbal trickery to leaving a Clan Charter in a random chest.
  • Do not "farm" points for the Clan Leaderboard by staging pvp kills against other clan members, or using alternate accounts in a different clan. Kills must be obtained from legitimate Survival play. We will not tolerate anyone attempting to cheat the system for the rankings.

Alphabetical Clan List

  • ASI
  • BAT
  • BOI
  • CAT
  • DBD
  • DCK
  • DUM
  • KOS
  • LNC
  • MLG
  • MOD
  • NAH
  • PEE
  • PSH
  • QOS
  • RED
  • VFD
  • WLC

Additional features and rewards for top ranked clans are in the works, stay tuned!