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General rules for Minecraft server

  • 1. Be mature and respectful towards players & staff in chat. This includes typically striving to not annoy users or initiate foolish conflict. Teasing/banter should ideally be mutually enjoyed, not just antagonistic or hurtful. If other players are being allowed to criticize you, staff may feel they are on to something. Similar slack may be cut for sharp retorts to undesirable conduct.
  • 2. Avoid cluttering chat with spam. This typically includes making words too long, spamming words/phrases (or general nonsense), or using excessive caps.
  • 3. Listen to staff when instructed to do/not do something. We make requests based on our standards & needs for the server environment.
  • 4. Do not be needlessly argumentative, difficult, rude, or defiant with staff members doing their Staff Duties. You can dispute staff actions on our Discord, don't clutter the game chat. Note the admins rarely verbally reprimand other staff in public, matters are typically resolved internally.
  • 5. Asking for a higher rank/console access is discouraged, and persistent requests are not allowed. We don't have a lot of patience for this one.
  • 6. Never impersonate staff or other users. This includes pretending to be a non specific staff member in general.
  • 7. While allowable under certain circumstances, please refrain from using any language other than English. Our staff cannot moderate a language they don't speak.
  • 8. No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, nazism, etc.. Staff discretion will be in effect to assess when something has crossed into this territory.
  • 9. Do not exploit bugs or circumvent intentional gameplay restrictions (such as griefing protected areas or passing world barriers). We appreciate the reporting of any uncommon bugs to a staff member.
  • 10. Do not do things that cause problematic lag/load on the server. Staff will be understanding of simple user error.
  • 11. Certain Minecraft mods/client mods are fine, but hacking of any kind is forbidden. Things like freecam, x-ray, fly, PvP reach, auto-click etc. are considered hacking. Optifine & aesthetic shaders are typically fine. We recommend checking with staff before playing with a modified game.
  • 12. If you see or suspect a hacker, please do not call them out in chat, and report them to a staff member using "/whisper <player> <message>".
  • 13. Do not advertise anything on our servers without permission from an admin. This includes other server IPs.
  • 14. Please refrain from "officially" advertising Runsafe itself. While it is encouraged to bring friends and/or advertise your activity on the server, attempting to produce "official" Runsafe ads is prohibited.
  • 15. Staff reserves the right to enforce rules, moderate the server & ban/unban at their discretion. These rules serve as general guidelines for players, but staff has final say on what is/isn't "allowed" in a given situation. Runsafe is a privately owned server, meaning you are able to play on it because you are being allowed to, probably because we like you. See "Rule Enforcement & Punishments" below for more details. You can request a ban appeal on our Discord.
  • 16. Do not evade staff punishments (mute/ban/troll rank/etc.) by joining the server on an alternate account. Unless otherwise stated, punishments are by default intended for the player, not their account.

Survival rules for Minecraft server

  • 1S. All general Minecraft rules apply.

  • 2S. Please don't complain excessively if your base is griefed, or if you are killed in PvP. Survival is a free-for-all world with PvP enabled.
  • 3S. Do not beg people for things like food or items excessively.
  • 4S. Logging out or warping away from PvP is currently discouraged. Excessive offenses are more likely to be punished.
  • 5S. Please strive to keep chicken farms down to 10 chickens or less. This can be done manually, with redstone, or by isolating single chickens over hoppers.
  • 6S. Mods/clients that give a serious unfair advantage in Survival are strictly prohibited. We recommend checking with staff before playing with a modified game, especially if you are unsure on what they might deem "a serious unfair advantage".

Creative rules for Minecraft server

  • 1C. All general Minecraft rules apply.
  • 2C. Before asking for another plot, strive to have your others look clean and finished. The Creative world is intended to be a space for nice builds.
  • 3C. When using liquids (water/lava), make sure they do not run off the plot and into the road.
  • 4C. Do not beg people to vote on your plot.
  • 5C. No griefing in the Creative world. We even advise against griefing a plot that you have the owner's permission on. This is not the correct world for kicking sandcastles.
  • 6C. Do not use saved hotbars (or any other method) to access command blocks or other inaccessible blocks. If they aren't in the inventory or placeable, they are not meant to be used by players in Creative.
  • 7C. Do not build near other players in Creative to bother them or intrude on their builds. It's not 2012 anymore, and there is plenty of room out there to work on your creation. Staff can tell the difference between well intentioned and ill intentioned building.

Spleef rules for Minecraft server

  • 1F. All general Minecraft rules apply.

  • 2F. Do not camp during a spleef game.
  • 3F. Do not gloat excessively.

PvP Arena rules for Minecraft server

  • 1P. All general Minecraft rules apply.
  • 2P. Do not hog the dispensers when getting your free gear. Share with other players.
  • 3P. Logging out or warping away from PvP is heavily discouraged. Multiple offenses are likely to be punished.

Special Event rules for Minecraft server

  • 1E. All general Minecraft rules apply.
  • 2E. Do not hinder other players' intended gameplay experience during events. Adaptive staff calls are often needed for one-off events. If you're doing something deemed unfitting of the event, we will tell you. Just listen, and you will be OK.

General rules for Discord server

  • 1D. We prefer you give some indication of your Minecraft username.
  • 2D. Be mature and respectful towards players & staff.
  • 3D. Do not clutter chat with spam. This typically includes making words too long, spamming words/phrases (or general nonsense), or using excessive caps.
  • 4D. Listen to staff when instructed to do/not do something.

  • 5D. Do not talk over staff doing their job in voice chat.
  • 6D. For voice chat, please ensure your microphone is set up properly in a good environment. Excessive background noise or other unpleasant sounds are discouraged.
  • 7D. Do not pester staff about getting into a locked channel. It is locked for a reason.
  • 8D. Never impersonate staff or other users. This includes pretending to be a non specific staff member in general.

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Rule Enforcement & Punishments

If a rule is broken, staff will assess the situation and take action as needed. Punishments often include being muted, kicked, banned, or the Troll rank. A rule break may only be met with a warning, or merely let go, under certain circumstances. Staff discretion is always in effect to account for unique situations. The purpose of the rules is to give players general guidelines for what staff wants. We are not looking for ways to punish good players, nor define loopholes for troublemakers. This applies to both Minecraft and Discord.