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The Runsafe Minecraft server originally started in 2011 as a privately hosted server for Kruithne in Minecraft classic, and later on Alvadar64 and Rythir in alpha. Just before beta, the server played host to the raiders of Shadow of the Phoenix, a World of Warcraft raiding guild. Half a year later, the Minecraft server was moved over to the Runsafe network in Norway on a custom built server, and opened to the public. From there, it rapidly gained traction in 2012 thanks to a Spleef plugin coded by the new server host docpify.

Over the years the server went through many changes, the most important one being the move onto the RunsafeFramework, a wrapper between Bukkit and the unique plug-ins, allowing the developers to stay on top of new snapshots faster than most servers, for a time. The framework now plays host to a wide array of plug-ins written by in-house developers Kruithne and docpify. A range of additional players joined & left the ranks of the admins/developers throughout the server's long run.

The server rode a high of activity perhaps the strongest throughout 2012-2014, before running into struggles with staying up-to-date on game version. The server experimented with alternative gameplay concepts, such as the now defunct Huckleberry, as it gradually tapered into an environment most occupied by its dedicated players & staff. The server eventually updated to version 1.8.8, but ultimately, would find itself online yet dormant for many years.

The 2023 Runsafe Revival prompted the attention of long time contributors Centralan, RainbowDeborah, Branterson and Zozael, who have all resumed more active positions in running/managing the server alongside docpify. The server was updated to game version 1.12.2, and presently offers simultaneously classic & unique gameplay with buckets of legacy for today's generation of players.