Summoning Ritual

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A summoning structure, ready to be lit.

A Summoning Ritual teleports a player to the location of said ritual in the Survival world, using small amounts of Magic found in emeralds. Normally, players can only reach your location by means of normal travel, due to the lack of teleport commands available to players & staff in Survival gameplay. The summoning ritual makes player teleportation possible, but consumes valuable resources.


  • Emerald block 1x
  • Diamond block 4x
  • Iron block 4x
  • Redstone block 1x
  • Book signed by player 1x
  • Eye of Ender 1x
  • Flint & Steel 1x


  • 1. At the location you wish to bring the player to, build a 3x3 platform: One emerald block for the center, four diamond blocks around the emerald, and four iron blocks for the corners.
  • 2. Using some sort of scrap block that can be removed, place a redstone block floating just above the emerald block, as shown in the picture on the right.
  • 3. Use your Flint & Steel to light the emerald block on fire. This will turn the summoning structure into a small portal.
  • 4. Take the book signed by the player you wish to summon and throw it into the portal. The portal is now primed to summon this specific player.
  • 5. Within ten minutes, the player must accept the summons. They must visit the summoning area at Spawn (behind the temple) and place the Eye of Ender in the portal block there.
  • 6. The player will be teleported through the portal, appearing wherever you built it. The portal will close and turn to stone, destroy it if you wish.