The Portal to The Unknown

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The Portal to the Unknown is a unique structure in the Survival world on Runsafe. It was also the name of the related event/mystery, spanning the length of multiple sub-events from May 2013 to March 2014, but ultimately never completed. The portal room was later found in February 2024 after the Runsafe Revival, but it was not successfully opened.

It was said that if players collected all the Wizard heads, they could somehow use the heads to open the ancient portal. It would have been up to the players to work together to open the portal for everyone, or it would simply remain shut. Where did the portal lead? To this day, over a decade later, it has never been uncovered by the Runsafe playerbase.

Obtaining Wizard Heads

Wizard heads were regularly awarded as prizes for regular server events, however they could (and can) also be obtained by killing a Wizard in PvP (3% head drop-chance). See Player Ranks for more info on Wizards.

Original Event Progress

Many of the players who obtained Wizard heads from server events would gradually become inactive, as Runsafe grew quieter in years following 2014. Additionally, more players joined the ranks of the Wizards over time, and it remained unclear if the portal would be opened by the original ten Wizard heads, any ten Wizard heads, or all present Wizard heads. The way in which the heads truly influenced the status of the portal was never uncovered.

Revived Event Progress

In February 2024, after the Runsafe Revival, renewed interest in the event grew. Eventually, the portal location was uncovered via collective efforts from the playerbase. Players descended into the mysterious temple, solving riddles and braving traps, until the final door to the portal room itself was located. To this day, it remains shut, with a riddle lining the walls of its corridor:

"The heads of magic watch and wait, to grant us pass through magic's gate. When host and monkey guard the door, the way should clear, forevermore."

Original Wizard Heads

Other Known Wizard Heads

  • The head of Kennny92 is already in the world from PvP!
  • The head of ExposedGun316 is already in the world from PvP!
  • The head of CapriSploosh is already in the world from a Drop Party!
  • The head of MrMarc45689 is already in the world from PvP!

Many more Wizard heads were never obtained, see Player Ranks for a complete list of Wizards.