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Acantia's Spawn

Acantia is a new survival world accessible by players who are the rank of Builder+ or higher. See Player Ranks for these ranks.

Acantia is a world that allows players to build the largest, coolest things they possibly can, and what makes it different from our free-build survival world is that Acantia has a particular set of rules:

  • No Griefing - Griefing will get you removed from the world, and possibly the server. Respect what other people have made.
  • No PvP - There are no consequences for PvPing, because PvP is disabled.

Two simple rules can create a world that many players have been looking for.

Also unlike the PvP-Grief survival world is that Acantia has a currency that allows you to buy much more than the old market ever offered. This currency uses Sponges, instead of paper. When at the spawn, you can enter the tower on the left to find this shop.