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How to use the achievements command

Runsafe has an achievement system that adds a fun side challenge to playing on the server. Players can get achievements by completing certain goals (listed below).

  • /achievement view <name> - Views achievements for yourself or another player.
  • /achievement lookup [name] - Lookup information on an achievement.

Server Wide Achievements

Open Sorcerer - Contribute to the source code of the Runsafe Server!

Limited Time Achievements

Legacy Of Pain - Completed the third Tunnel.

Wrong Of Passage - Found the entrance to the tunnel.

Wrong Turn - Got lost in the Tunnel maze, and found a way out.

Survival Achievements

Time Capsule - Enter the Secret Room in the Survival Spawn.

Dungeon Crawler - Found the dungeon of TracerON in spawn.

Pimp - Obtain 64 blocks of diamond in survival.

Let's Build an Emerald City - Obtain 64 blocks of emerald in survival.

My Precious - Obtain a dragon egg in survival.

When I'm Cleaning Windows - Obtain a sponge in survival.

Wizards Did It! - Obtain a wizard head in survival.

Shieldwall - Take damage from the following mobs without dying: Blaze, Cave Spider, Enderman, Creeper, Ghast, Lava Slime, Iron Golem, Zombie Pigman, Silverfish, Skeleton, Zombie, Witch, Wither, Wolf, Slime, Spider.

Poopin' In My Cheerios - Kill a player who has 30 or more levels of experience on them.

Knuckle Sandwich - Deal 100 points of damage to a wither using your fists without dying.

It's Just a Flesh Wound - Kill a player while you are on half a heart of health.

What Are The Odds?- Get struck by lightning in survival.

Lightning Really Does Strike Twice - Get struck by lightning twice in survival.

Someone Likes Me! - Join a clan.

Backstabber - Kill someone who is in your clan.

Marvellous Mutiny - Kill your clan leader!

Dergonborn - Assist in the slaying of a dergon!

Have at Thee, Fiend! - Throw a snowball at a Dergon.

I Can See the Pub From 'Ere - Take to the skies in the maw of a Dergon!

Bullseye - Shoot a player with an arrow from over 40 blocks away.

Suddenly, silverfish! - Activate a dungeon in the Azuren world.

Survival Smarts - Traded a Dergon Egg for Dergon bones.

Creative Achievements

I Made That - Have one of the creative plots you own approved.

Supreme Architect - Have ten creative plots you own approved.

Fishing Achievements

The Scavenger - Fish up one of the rare special items from spawn!

Fishies be mine! Leave dem fishies - Winner of the weekly fishing tournament!

Flint's Gold Hoarder - Obtain 25 pieces of Flint's Gold!

Master Fisherman - Obtain 2000 cooked fish.

PvP & WPvP Achievements

Gladiator - Earn a rating of 2000 in the PvP arena.

Merciless Gladiator - Earn a rating of 2500 in the PvP arena.

Wicked Sick - Score a wicked sick killing spree in PvP.

Master of Magic - Score first place in a match of wizard PvP.

Apprentice Wizard - Score in the top three for a match of Wizard PvP.

Touch of Death - Kill a player in Wizard PvP while being in the graveyard.

Parkour Achievements

Parkour Competent - Completed the Competent rated parkour course.

Parkour Master - Completed the Master rated parkour course.

Parkour Novice - Completed the Novice rated parkour course.

PvE Achievements

Welcome To The Club - Enter the Secret Room in PVE.

Lightning Round - Witnessed and defeated a Lightning round in PvE.

Mine Champion - Beat all 4 Rounds of the Mine Arena.

Nether Champion - Beat all 5 Rounds of the Nether Arena.

Surface Champion - Beat all 5 Rounds of the Surface Arena.

Unobtainable Achievements

Money Makes the World Go Around - Earn a total of 500 coins! (Retired Survival World)

Gold Goblin - Earn a total of 1000 coins! (Retired Survival World)

The Bread Winner - Earn a total of 10,000 coins! (Retired Survival World)

Hey Big Spender - Embark on a rather expensive shopping spree! (Retired Survival World)

Defense of the Kingdom - Attend the Defense of the Kingdom event.

Server First: Ender Dragon - Participate in the server-first ender dragon kill.

PvP Tournament - June 2013 - Took part in the June 2013 PvP tournament.

My Brain Hurts - Take part in the July 2013 puzzle server event.

Winner: Spleef Tournament - August 2013 - Win the August 2013 Spleef tournament.

Survival Challenge - Take place in the Survival challenge. (Survival Challenge Event)

Shipwrecked - Complete The Adventure server event. (Adventure Event)

I Swear it Existed! - Complete the tunnel within the time limit. (Tunnel 1 Event)

My First Steps Into Misery - Complete the first stage of the Tunnel mini-game. (Tunnel 1 Event)

Painful Progression - Complete the second stage of the Tunnel mini-game. (Tunnel 1 Event)

Master of the Madness - Complete the third stage of the Tunnel mini-game. (Tunnel 1 Event)

Insane in the Membrane - Complete the fourth stage of the Tunnel mini-game. (Tunnel 1 Event)

What Year Is It?!- Complete the Tunnel mini-game. (Tunnel 1 Event)

Huckleberry Beta - Obtain 100 Beta Tokens. (Kruithne's Version of Minecraft)

Server First: Master Treasure Hunter - Was either the first person or group to reach Captain Flint's lost treasure! (The Reef Event)

What Happens Inside That Tiny Head? - Obtained the Silverfish Brain Piece and made it out of The Silverfish Lair. (The Reef Event)

All t' mates loved that flower - Obtained the Beloved Dandelion and made it out of The Sand Maze. (The Reef Event)

Pirates always get thar hands dirty - Obtained the Bone of the dead and made it out of Flint's Graveyard. (The Reef Event)

Why Are Pearls So Shiny? - Obtained Barleria's Pearl and made it out of The Cave. (The Reef 2013 Event)

Land Ho - Obtained the Treasure Chest Key and made it off Captain Flint's Ship. (The Reef 2013 Event)

Master Treasure Hunter - Found the lost treasure of Captain Flint! (The Reef 2013 Event)

CTF Event March 2015 - Participated in the March 2015 CTF Event! (Code4 Event)

CTF Event Victor - March 2015 - Won a game in the March 2015 CTF Event! (Code4 Event)

Halloween 2023 - Participated in the Halloween 2023 Event.

Master Spook - Completed the Halloween 2023 Event.

Top Excavator - Found all 6 gravesites and obtained the moosic records. (Halloween 2023)

Krimas - Participated in the Krimas Event.

Krimas Claus - Completed the Krimas Event.

Krimas Elf - Located all 19 gifts in the wonderland.

Trials Of Krimas - Completed the trials of Krimas and made it to the wonderland.

Could Be Worse - Find the primary drainage basin.

Snooping Around - Find the primary drainage tunnel.

Tampering With Equipment - Locate and use the doorway control panel.

Where Could They Be - Find the doorway control panel.