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CapriSploosh looking for fish to feed his cat.

CapriSploosh is one of the server Wizards (see Player Ranks). He joined on the 09th of September 2023 during the Runsafe Revival. CapriSploosh likes to hop on and see what Centralan is up to. Either watching players, working on events, or some other project and will help out anyway he can.

Sort of Fun Facts

  • CapriSploosh lives in the United States
  • He has a cat named Squeaky
  • Has always gone by the name Sploosh
  • His real name remains unknown
  • Has handed out one vial of Centralan's blood.
  • He is a big fan of the games Hunt Showdown, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, & Black Desert Online
  • At one point has met Centralan
  • Will always say good morning when its not the morning.
  • Will always say good evening when its not the evening.

Survival Tales

Train cart in a random cave

CapriSploosh hasn't done much in the survival world, but does in fact have a base. He lives in a Train cart in a cave.