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The creative world is made up of an infinite amount of plots that are available to everybody with the Builder rank and above. Once obtained, a plot can host a solo build, or the owner of the plot can add multiple builders to the plot for a mass project. This system counteracts griefing, and helps keep the world clutter-free.

Creative Rules

  • All general rules apply (see Rules).
  • Before asking for another plot, make sure your others look clean and finished.
  • When using liquids (water/lava), make sure they do not run off the plot and into the road.
  • Do not beg people to vote on your plot.
  • No griefing in the Creative world whatsoever. We even advise against griefing a plot that you have the owner's permission on, as this can still get you into trouble.

Getting a Plot Approved

There are 2 ways you can get your creative builds approved.

  • By voting
  • By Admin Approval

When a player votes for a plot there vote is worth so many points. The rank of that player will determine how many points you get. You need 100 points to get a plot approve.

  • Builder: 10 points per vote
  • Builder+: 15 points per vote
  • Wizard: 20 points per vote
  • Moderator: 30 points per vote

Creative Commands

  • /creative - Teleports you to the creative world spawn.
  • /ct f - Teleports you to a free (empty) plot in the creative world.
  • /claim - Allows a player to claim their first plot. It can also be used to claim new plot if the player's other plots have been approved.
  • /ct r - Teleports you to a random claimed plot in the creative world.
  • /ct r <tag> - Teleports you to a random claimed plot that has the tag provided.
  • /ct t <plotname> - Teleports you to a plot such as Kruithne_polar. If you own a plot, you can leave out your name and the underscore.
  • /ct set - Sets the entrance of your plot.
  • /vote - Votes for the plot you are standing on.
  • /ct m a <playername> - Adds a member to your plot, allowing them to build with you.
  • /ct m r <playername> - Removes a member from your plot, preventing them from building with you.
  • /ct list <player> - Produces a list of plots owned by a certain player.
  • /ct j approved - Allows you to jump to a random approved plot.
  • /ct j unapproved - Allows you to jump to a random unapproved plot.
  • /head <playername> - Creates the head of the specified player.
  • /ct paintbrush - Gives the player a "paintbrush" tool that can sample and replace blocks.
  • Full Command Reference

Creative Questions

  • How do I get a plot? - Find empty plots by looking around or using /ct f. If this is your first plot you may use the command /ct claim. If not your first plot, kindly ask a staff member to claim it for you. If all your previous plots have been approved, you can again claim an empty plot with /ct claim.
  • What is an "approved" plot? - If enough players vote on your plot with /vote, it becomes an approved plot.
  • How can I add/remove players to my plot? - /ct m a <playername> adds a player to the plot you are standing in, /ct r a <playername> removes a player from the plot you are standing in.
  • How can I tell if a plot is claimed? - Hit it with a stick. If it does not show a plot name, it is free for claiming.
  • How many plots can I have? - Better question: How many can you fill with cool things?
  • A staff member won't give me another plot! - It is likely you have not made something that the staff wants to see more of. Try building something new or improving what you have. If you wish to mess around in Creative, try singleplayer. The idea here is to build a creation. A house, a roller coaster, a big redstone machine, etc. If you have made something neat, staff will happily give you more space to build more neat things.
  • I tried to make my plot better, but they still won't give me a new plot! - Refer to the last answer.
  • Can I just start over? - Moderators and Admins can reset your plot if you don't like what you have made.
  • Can I get a bigger plot? - Generally, if you have proven yourself worthy with at least one decent plot, staff will happily grant you a larger plot for a bigger project (provided you actually know what you want to do with the space). Larger plots are made by joining smaller plots together. For example, a 2x2 plot is a square made out of 4 normal plots.