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A dergon attack

Dergons are naturally spawning, modified Enderdragons in the overworld -- a special feature unique to Runsafe survival. Dergons will occasionally spawn in the sky around players in the survival world, and they immediately descend to wreak havoc, often by launching fire at the players or swooping down to the ground, picking them up, and dropping them elsewhere from the sky. Though they are generally most likely to spawn near large player groups at levels above 60 blocks, it is possible for them to attack a single player. Dergons gain 100+ health for every player in the area when it spawns. Dergon slaying will result in a major boost in points for Clans, and players can also obtain Achievements for participating a dergon battle. Killing a dergon will yield a dergon egg, a massive 70+ xp orb, and a random amount of dergon bones. Dergon bones can be exchanged for fully crafted dergon bone armour in The Market. Dergon bone armour features several unique powers, including special enchants and a self-repairing feature.

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