Halloween Event

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The Halloween Event was a spooky adventure available through October 2023, created by Centralan during the Runsafe Revival.

Players traversed a variety of environments in the dead of night, facing thematic challenges and puzzles, all whilst ignoring the interjections of an unseen antagonist. The event concluded when players found the antagonist, a deranged villager named "Spencer" for the event, and succeeded in fending off him & his mob army. After being slain multiple times over, "Spencer" vowed revenge against the admins & playerbase collectively, prompting the admins to delete his corporeal form. The event featured a lot of builds from the server's history, including Centralan's famous windmill, and a few structures preserved from the recently griefed Rabbiton.

A video showcasing some of the event's environments was created by Zozael before it was shut down, available here