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Mddoctor on his Squid Mount, So majestic.

Mddoctor1016 Has been on the server for a little over a year. He started as nothing but a builder who was a friend of one staff member, eb2408. Soon he found himself being trained by Behind_themask, in pvp, scamming, survival, and any other area of his unique expertise. Most people did not like Mddoctor for a long time, they thought all he was a scammer, and they weren't wrong...

After months of being hated, by almost everyone, Mddoctor met a few good allies. He met MrMarc45689, (Notice the lack of a 7)MasterOsiris, and Many others. They stuck by him no matter what, and they still do to this day. MrMarc was an easy going, gentle, kind soul, and he was liked by basically everyone who met him. Mdd, who was still hated, wanted to know his secret. Turns out, the secret was to be kind, and not steal loads of diamonds from people! GENIUS! So, mddoctor started being nicer, not much at first, but it started to make things change...

After a few months, Mddoctor had made TONS of new friends and allies. They supported him and his decisions, they goofed off with him, and his closest allies, were involved in the prank wars. Mddoctor has been advised by people on how to be rather good at pvp, at spleef, and anything else he may try. Naming all of his allies now would be rather difficult. If you believe you are a true ally of him, Ask him!

Though Mddoctor is a kinder soul now, He shall never forget those who helped him get diamond, and other rare items. Some of the pro scammers who helped include Behind_themask Propasta and Lots more!

He always thanks them when they come on, no matter how briefly or how often. And He believes that they know how glad he is to have met them, and learned from, "The Best of the Best." And he also has that scamming nature in him, though he can't scam as an Moderator, he still uses his skills in pvp, and survival griefing, to his advantage.

More recently, Mddoctor has won the spleef tournament, and since clans have been created, He has joined Dibbity Doo, the number 1 ranked clan on the server. If you want to know what else Mddoctor has been up to (Though I doubt you do) Feel free to ask!



Mddoctor's First plot, A fountain.


Mddoctor's 2nd Plot, The 4 Tribes Parkour.


Mddoctor's 3rd plot,Parkour and a LegoBug original game, Array.


Mddoctor's 4th Plot, A Terra formed Mountain with a bridge.


Mddoctor's 5th Plot,A Horse Stable.


Mddoctor's 6th Plot, A custom XP Grinder, Tower, and Clan Base.


Mddoctor's 7th Plot, His and MrMarc's favorite survival base.


Mddoctor's Bow Spleef Plot,A fun minigame.


Mddoctor's Reverse Spleef Plot, Another fun minigame.


Mddoctor's WizardPvP Plot, the inspiration for the server wide game.


Pimp - Obtain 64 blocks of diamond in survival.

Let's Build an Emerald City - Obtain 64 blocks of emerald in survival.

My Precious - Obtain a dragon egg in survival.

When I'm Cleaning Windows - Obtain a sponge in survival.

Wizards Did It! - Obtain a wizard head in survival.

Wicked Sick - Score a wicked sick killing spree in PvP.

It's Just a Flesh Wound - Kill a player while you are on half a heart of health.

What Are The Odds?- Get struck by lightning in survival.

Lightning Really Does Strike Twice - Get struck by lightning twice in survival.

Someone Likes Me! - Join a clan.

Backstabber - Kill someone who is in your clan.

Marvellous Mutiny - Kill your clan leader!

Dergonborn - Assist in the slaying of a dergon!

Have at Thee, Fiend! - Throw a snowball at a Dergon.

Bullseye - Shoot a player with an arrow from over 40 blocks away.

The Scavenger - Fish up one of the rare special items from spawn!

Fishies be mine! Leave dem fishies - Winner of the weekly fishing tournament!

I Made That - Have one of the creative plots you own approved.

Gladiator - Earn a rating of 2000 in the PvP arena.

Master of Magic - Score first place in a match of wizard PvP.

Apprentice Wizard - Score in the top three for a match of Wizard PvP.

My First Steps Into Misery - Complete the first stage of the Tunnel mini-game.

Painful Progression - Complete the second stage of the Tunnel mini-game.

Master of the Madness - Complete the third stage of the Tunnel mini-game.

Insane in the Membrane - Comeplete the fourth stage of the Tunnel mini-game.

Defense of the Kingdom - Attend the Defense of the Kingdom event.

I Swear it Existed! - Complete the tunnel within the time limit.

Winner: Spleef Tournament - August 2013 - Win the August 2013 Spleef tournament.