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MrMarc45689 is a Wizard and former Moderator on Runsafe. Legend has it he was one of the first Moderator Trainees.

MrMarc's zesty face

Quick Facts

  • His first login was on September 11th 2012 for a good old round of spleef!
  • Got banned 3 legitimate times!(Claims "It was so worth it")
  • He is 15 years old
  • Likes rainbows
  • Contrary to common belief he is straight. In fact he finds the idea of another man shoving their [redacted] up his [redacted] quite disturbing. (Mean no offense, take no offense)
  • Currently best allies with iliketoeatpenuts
  • Used to share everything he had ever owned in survival with mddoctor1016
  • Currently in the clan DBD
  • Known for some pretty snazzy creative plots
  • Likes rainbows
  • Has won two events (Creative Roller Coaster Contest and The Adventure)
  • When making his account name he slid his finger across the keyboard and missed the 7 like an idiot! To this day he still cries every time someone asks why he doesn't have a 7 in his username.
  • Likes rainbows
  • One of the few who actually managed to complete all 5 stages of the notorious Tunnel 2!
  • He currently has half a stack of achievements on runsafe(32)
  • Owns four Wizard heads (cybersplice, Astalor, Korakk, Solonari)
  • Likes rainbows
  • resigned November 13th 2014
  • Took his rank back January 18th 2015
  • Has been sent to the Vice Principle's office for complaints of being "in class under the influence"
  • The Lack of mddoctor in his life makes him sad.

Notable Plots

  • MrMarc45689_3 (A small village made close to when he first started playing a lot)
  • MrMarc45689_7 (Seem familiar!? That's right the current wpvp arena was based off of this plot!)
  • MrMarc45689_8 (His competition plot for the June creative contest Abandoned!)
  • MrMarc45689_9 (His competition plot for Admins Revenge event!)
  • MrMarc45689_11 (His competition plot for the Creative Roller Coaster Contest event which later won!)
  • MrMarc45689_13 (DBD's First survival base in the second survival world, it was later grieved by Skalamandar AKA Kruithne)
  • {edit} Now all of these plots have been combined into one massive plot. Infact, some might just go as far as calling it a MarcaPalooza. This can be found on MrMarc's 1st plot. (/ct te MrMarc45689_1)


If you wish to contact Marc, good luck! Because believe it or not this young man does not own a facebook, instagram, or any other social media!