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Nerothis (Nero)

Nerothis is from the United States. He is well-known among players for being myslef. He generally likes to watch over player behavior and keep arguing and spam out of Minecraft chat. Nero is (mostly) friendly and kind, so don't be afraid to start a conversation with him. When Nerothis isn't around, he's probably eating food, watching movies, or on YouTube.

Fun Facts

  • Contrary to popular belief, Nero is considered to be rather intelligent
  • He is currently 17.
  • He likes to play survival
  • He's a huge nerd
  • Nero is a fan of Linkin Park
  • Has a love/hate relationship with Minecraft
  • Was banned at one point
  • Only got unbanned because of an error with the ban
  • Was one of the only ex-staff to not have a DOG-tag for a long time
  • He is a high-tension, high-stakes Minecrafter
  • Thinks BumbleBee0123 looks like Dave from boyinaband


Nope, there's nothing here. Sorry.

Survival Life Story

He first joined the server to play with his panda-skinned friends Kiiaz, Utlem, Jesse_070296, Mintus, hybridhawk, and Obese Spiderman. He lived with them, but didn't actually play often. He really started playing when he was invited to a skybase including Jesse, Kiiaz, Utlem, and Hybrid. The first think he did when he got to the skybase was make a wooden extension as his home (Some said it looked a bit "phallic"). Things stayed normal for a while until the base was raided and the group was forced to make a quick escape.

A few small bases were made, none of them really stood out. The next big base that Nerothis lived at was called the Paradise base, which included everyone's houses surrounded by a cobblestone wall. They lost hybrid, and Utlem for most of it, but they gained new friends like Yuliette, her boyfriend, Mintus, and a friend of Jesse. The most notable thing about this base was the mine underneath, which was a giant room at level 12 that was cleared out by Nerothis. Tensions rose at the base after a while when Nero and Kiiaz used invisibility potions to mess with Yuliette and her boyfriend. The very next day, they packed up their house and left.

Not wanting to live in a compromised base, Nerothis, Kiiaz and Jesse set out for the 100,000 coordinates. (Surprisingly, the huge mine underneath Paradise base was never found, and Nerothis continued to use it until the very end of that survival world). The group (at the time consisted of Jesse, Kiiaz, and Nerothis) got to the 100,000 coordinates and made a small base. This was just a placeholder because soon after, they went on to build the Skybase Infinity. Kenny was also brought to this skybase. At Infinity, everyone stared to build mansions around the center beacon. Everything was great for a while until they realized that some stuff was starting to go missing. The group started to think that Kenny, him being the newest person to live there, was starting to raid them. Their theory was proven wrong when they were attacked by an unknown source with Kenny nowhere in sight. They tried to salvage what they could, but were stopped when the attacker used TNT, from Kiiaz's house, to blow up the base.

After the devastating blow, they were forced to start anew with almost nothing. They started their journey, planning to get in the millions. After days of constant traveling, summoning was implemented. This was when they received an offer that seemed unbelievable. Kruithne offered to summon them to a nice area to make a group base together. They accepted, and began building in their new, more mushroom-y home. Many of the homes there were... interesting. Some of the homes were named after their most prominent features, like Kruithne's hole and Yuli's rainbow penis. They continued to live here until they were told that their coordinates had been sold by an unknown source. Shortly after regrouping, they got an offer to be summoned out to the 5,000,000 coordinates by Naxanria.

Things moved slowly after they were summoned, only one person got to build a home before they moved to a better building location. Kiiaz built a pagoda there and everyone lived in happiness (and slight distrust). Any fears that existed were soon confirmed when the group logged on to find the once-beautiful pagoda burning. The group separated at this point because all trust had been lost.

Nerothis lived on his own, using many of the previous bases as homes. He also built a new pagoda with Kiiaz, but it was hardly used. He lived rather contently, but his boredom grew, so he took a break from Minecraft. When he returned, there was news of a survival reset. Excited by this he gathered up all his supplies and eagerly awaited the reset.

On the day of the reset he and his friends created VVV. The group set out in the new world, splitting up to make solo bases, and eventually reconvening to make a group base. Over time, he built a friendship with DBD and is considered an honorary member. He lived at his solo base, (which isn't that solo anymore) and at the clan base for a while. He was eventually raided at his home by an unknown person, but he has suspicions on who did it.

Over time, tensions between members of VVV rose, as more arguments started to happen. A lack of trust between members was obviously visible. For reasons that won't be mentioned here, Kiiaz and Mintus were lost from the clan. Feeling that the base was compromised, Jesse and Nero removed their valuables from the group base. Mike, outraged at the lack of trust, called out Nero and Jesse publicly. Feeling threatened, Jesse and Nero agreed to kick him from the clan. Now that VVV was just a shell of its former glory, Nero decided to join a new clan. DBD.

The answer was a resounding "Yes". He was given privileges to the Dergon Rod and Farm they owned. He also made a new, and much bigger, home (although he didn't have much to put in it).