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Below, you will find the typical duties staff cover for the Runsafe Minecraft server. For more information on how staff are expected to go about their duties, see Staff Guidelines. For a list of commands staff have access to, see Command Reference. For info on the different player ranks, and lists of current staff team members, see Player Ranks.

Please note: While we typically love to help players out, staff reserves the right to not assist you, end of story. Runsafe is not anyone's job, appointed staff are always choosing to be helpful. Their position on the team means they fit with our goals & standards overall; Understand that staff are not beholden to player requests or demands.

General Staff Duties

Super Users, Moderators & Admins are incentivized to do the following duties.

  • Setting an overall good example for the player base.
  • Keeping an eye on chat activity & keeping the overall staff team aware of issues.
  • Helping players who have questions.
  • Enforcing the Rules as needed.
  • Leaving notes on players with suspicious activity.
  • Approving quality plots in Creative.
  • Extending plots for players as needed.
  • Building things for the server as needed by the admins.

Extended Staff Duties

Moderators & Admins may use additional command permissions & authority to do the following duties.

  • Demonstrating a low tolerance for undesirable player conduct.
  • Resetting plots for players in Creative if needed.
  • Cleaning up griefed plots in Creative.
  • Unapproving plots in Creative if needed.
  • Deleting poor quality plots in Creative.
  • Scanning for and clearing excessive entities in the world.
  • Banning hackers/troublemakers/rule breakers as needed.
  • Using Hawkeye to investigate suspicious player activity.

Administration Duties

All Admins will generally contribute to the following:

  • Preventing the server from catching fire.
  • Keeping an eye on staff performance.
  • Promoting/demoting players to keep the staff team strong.
  • Monitoring for hackers with Hawkeye.
  • Handling Minecraft ban appeals on the Discord server.
  • Brainstorming for server content & events.
  • Assisting players with problems caused by bugs or glitches.

Developer Admins will generally focus on the following:

  • Building new plug-ins.
  • Keeping all plug-ins updated.
  • Fixing bugs & optimizing code.
  • Improving server features & performance.
  • Handling attacks on the server.
  • Programming for server events.
  • Deploying server updates.

General Admins will generally focus on the following:

  • Widely contributing to many areas of the various Admin duties.
  • Providing major assistance to the developers.
  • Keeping DOG updated.
  • Coordinating staff for designing content & server events.
  • Managing and adjusting staff permissions on the server.
  • Managing staff ranks on the Discord, Reddit & Wiki.
  • Moderating the Discord server and Reddit community.

Creation Admins (In-Game Content Designers) will generally focus on the following:

  • Extra emphasis on brainstorming for content & server events.
  • Designing in game content for the server.
  • Building in game content for the server.
  • Coordinating the staff on major builds.

Marketing Admins (Community Managers) will generally focus on the following:

  • Developing marketing strategies and advertising.
  • Managing public relations.
  • Creating YouTube content.
  • Evaluating the server & media for out-dated content.

Wiki Editors will generally focus on the following:

  • Creating new Wiki pages as needed.
  • Keeping Wiki pages up-to-date.
  • Improving Wiki pages with inadequate information.