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Mailbox located in spawn

Runsafe Mailbox is the mailing system of choice on Runsafe Minecraft. Players can send any items through the mail service to other players. Players can also locate a mailbox in spawn to check their mail.

Mailing Costs

  • One package costs 1 emerald.
  • One book costs 5 iron ingots.

Mailing Services

  • Rewards from the PvP Arena are also sent via the mail.
  • Admins will often send items via the mail for winning events or compensation of some kind (Bugs, player reporting, POTM etc)

Runsafe Mail Commands

  • /mails - Teleports you to the mailbox located at spawn.
  • /view: - Views a players mailbox
  • /sendbook: - Sends a book that you are holding
  • /send: - Sends mail to another player