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Below, you will find reference lists for the commands players & staff have access to. For more info on the different player ranks, and lists of current Wizards/AI/Staff Team members, see Player Ranks. For a list of general duties staff are expected to cover for the Runsafe Minecraft server, see Staff Duties. For more information on how staff are expected to go about their duties, see Staff Guidelines.


If you are at the troll rank then you have access to no commands, and due to your poor behavior all you may do is type in the chat.


Server Wide Commands

  • Emotes - Players can use /Emote to emote on the server. Just replace the word emote with an action. Ex - /slap or /slap <name>

Click here for a list of Emotes here!

  • /creative - Teleports you to the creative world spawn.
  • /spawn - Teleports you to the survival spawn which acts as a server-wide spawn.
  • /spleef - Teleports you to the spleef arena.
  • /survival - Teleports you to survival.
  • /pvp - Teleports you to the pvp arena.
  • /pve - Teleports you to the pve lobby.
  • /pkr - Teleports you to the parkour lobby.
  • /bank - Teleports the player to the bank.
  • /tunnel - Teleports the player to the tunnel *(When available)*.
  • /reef - Teleports the player to the reef.
  • /achievement view or /ach view - Views achievements for yourself or another player.
  • /achievement lookup or /ach lookup - Lookup information on an achievement.
  • /seen <player> - Checks when the specified player was last seen on the server.
  • /plugins or /pl - Shows all plugins that Runsafe has to offer.
  • /account token - Gives you a code to link your minecraft account to the Runsafe website.
  • /played <player> - Allows you to check your own or another players total playtime on runsafe.
  • /ignore <player> - Allows you to ignore the player of your choice. This will make it so you don't see them in public chat, or receive messages from them. To un-ignore a player just run the command again. You can not ignore staff members.
  • /m /w /t <player> <message> - Sends a private message to the specified player.
  • /r <message> - Sends a reply message to the last person to whisper you.
  • /roll - Rolls a number for you between 0 and 100. (Useful for giveaways!)
  • /wp - Tells you what Plugin a command comes from.
  • /list- List all players online.

Survival Commands

  • /mail view or /mail v- Opens your inbox.
  • /mail send <player>- Used to send a player mail. Costs one diamond.
  • /mail sendbook - Allows you to send the book you are holding to a player for 10 gold ingots.
  • /sethome <name> - Sets your location as one of your homes.
  • /home - Tells you all your available homes
  • /home <name> - Teleports you to one of your home locations.
  • /delhome <name> - Deletes one of your home locations.

Creative Commands

  • /ct find or /ct f - Teleports you to a free (empty) plot in the creative world.
  • /claim or /ct claim - Allows a player to claim a plot if the following requirements are done. The player either has no plots or all plots are approved. When a player claims a plot they can only claim a 1x1 any bigger they will need a staff member.
  • /ct r - Teleports you to a random claimed plot in the creative world.
  • /ct r <tag> - Teleports you to a random claimed plot that has the tag provided.
  • /ct te <plotname> - Teleports you to a plot such as Kruithne_polar. If you own a plot, you can neglect your name and the underscore.
  • /ct set - Sets the entrance of the player's plot.
  • /vote or /ct vote - Votes for the plot you are standing in.
  • /ct m a <playername> - Adds a member to your plot, allowing them to build with you.
  • /ct m r <playername> - Removes a member from your plot, revoking their ability to build on the plot.
  • /ct list <player> - Produces a list of plots owned by a certain player.
  • /ct j approved or /ct j unapproved- Allows you to jump to either an approved plot or a unapproved plot.
  • /head <playername> - Creates a head of the player provided.
  • /ct paintbrush - Allows the user to use the paint brush.

PvP Commands

  • /pvp teleport or /pvp t - Brings you to the PvP Arena.
  • /pvp rating or /pvp r - Checks your rating for the PvP Arena.
  • /pvp scoreor /pvp s - Check all your kills and deaths in the PvP Arena.
  • /pvp points or /pvp p - Tells you the amount of points you have in PvP.
  • /pvp checkout or /pvp c - Gives you items from the pvp store.

Wizard PvP Commands

  • /wpvp - Brings you to the Wizard PvP Lobby.

Builder + (Inherits from Builder)

Server Wide Commands

  • /blounge - Teleport to the Builder+ lounge.

Super User (Inherits from Builder+)

Server Wide Commands

  • /rank <player> <rank> - Used to change a player's rank to builder or troll.
  • /mute <player> - Mutes a specific player. Also takes time duration to unmute a player. (y/m/w/d/s)
  • /unmute <player> - Unmutes a specific player.
  • /kick <player> <reason> - Kicks a player from the server for the supplied reason.
  • /pn <name> set staff <note> - Gives a note for staff to see
  • /pn <name> clear staff - Clears the note from the player.
  • /pn <name> list - Shows any player notes that player has provided.
  • /mute <name> - Prevents the player from talking in all chats.
  • /unmute <name> - Allows the player to talk in all chats.
  • /whois <name> - Gives basic info on a player.
  • /lounge - Teleport to the staff lounge.
  • /codes - Give a list of minecraft color codes that can be used on signs.

Creative Commands

  • World Edit Compass - Left click teleports to the block you're looking at, right click teleports through blocks.
  • /tp <playername> - Teleports you to the provided player.
  • /tp <player1> <player2> - Teleports player1 to the location of player2.
  • /ct approve <plotname> - Approves the plot listed.
  • /ct tag set or /ct tag s - Sets the tags for the plot you are over.
  • /ct tag add or /ct tag a - Adds a tag for the plot you are over.
  • /ct tag find or /ct tag f - Search for a plot with a certain tag.
  • /ct tag clear or /ct tag c - Clears the tags from the current plot you are over.
  • /ct claim <player> - Claims a plot for the player.
  • /ct extend or /ct ex - Used to claim multi plots.
  • /ct ra - Teleports you to a random claimed plot in the creative world.
  • /ct ra <tag> - Teleports you to a random claimed plot that has the tag provided.
  • /ct checkapproval <plot> - See how a plot was approved.
  • /time <time> - Changes the time of day in a world. (<time> arguments dawn/morning/day/noon/dusk/night/midnight)

Moderator (Inherits from Super User)

Server Wide Commands

  • /tempban <player> <time> <reason> - Temporarily bans a player from the server for the time and reason given.
  • /ban <player> <reason> - Applies a permanent ban to the player for the given reason while online.
  • /fakejoin or /fj - Fakes you joining the server and unvanishes you.
  • /fakequit or /fq - Vanishes you and fakes you leaving the server.
  • /whois <player> - Gives more information on that player then a Super User.

Creative Commands

  • /ct regen - Resets the plot you are in to its original state.
  • /ct regen <type> - This regens the plot to a new state. The types of regens are "Normal", "Flat", "Void" and "Grid".
  • /ct griefcleanup <type> - Removes different types of grief from the plot you are standing on, defined by adding "road”, “water”, “lava”, “cobblestone”, "obsidian" or “all".
  • /ct delete or /ct d - Deletes the plot a Moderator or Admin is over.
  • /ct scan - Scans the world, producing a list of entities currently loaded.
  • /ct clean - Clears the current world of ALL ENTITIES.
  • /ct clean <entity> - After using "/ct scan" you can provide an entity and clear just that entity.
  • /ct unapprove <plot> - Unapproves a creative plot.
  • /hawk tool - Enables/disables the hawk-eye action querying tool.
  • /v - Vanishes the player.


  • //WE - Use of Worldedit Commands. (Dev world only)