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The Spleef arena


Runsafe has a spleef arena that runs on its own completely unique plugin, allowing fully automatic spleef matches between players. Though you may not always find people waiting in the arena, kindly asking other players in the chat to join you will often solve this. You can teleport to the spleef lobby using the command /spleef. The spleef plugin was written by our admins. Please note that spleef is in its "beta" Stage so bugs may happen! Full list of plugins on Runsafe can be found here.

How to play

Once you are inside the spleef lobby, locate one of the colored pads. Stand on any pad and wait (make sure other players are waiting on pads, too). After a short time, a match will start automatically. You will be teleported down to the arena, and the match will begin when the gates open. Players will run around punching holes in the ground in an attempt to make others fall in -- it is advised that you do the same. Unlike some spleef arenas, you do not need any kind of tool to play, just left click the ground once to punch a hole in it. The goal of the game is to become the last person left standing in the arena. Recent winners will have their name displayed in the lobby. Take a look at the Spleef leaderboard and check your win count here.


  • All general rules apply (see Rules)
  • Do not camp during a spleef game.
  • Do not annoy players by gloating too much.

Spleef Questions

  • I see someone hacking, what do I do? Report it to a member of staff in a private message by using /m <playername>
  • I found a bug, what do I do? Again tell a staff member by using /m <playername>
  • I saw someone flying, what do I do? The pattern here should be obvious.
  • There is a huge problem and I can't find any staff members online, what do I do? staff members are Purple and Red. If you do not see anyone with a name in these colors, look for help on the Runsafe Teamspeak Channel. Go to Player Ranks for a full list of staff rankings and members. See Rules for a full list of spleef rules.
Players in the Spleef lobby.
A Spleef match between multiple players.
Jesse_070296 performs a sick leap.