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Survival on Runsafe provides a very unique experience. A plethora of special features combined with the danger of other players will yield an experience vastly different from default Minecraft singleplayer or multiplayer. It is advised that you build your house far away from the center of the world and keep it well hidden, as there is no protection against looters stealing your stuff and/or blowing up the things you've built. A well hidden base is a safe base!

Special Features

  • Smart Warp - No spawn camping! Teleport into a randomized location near the center of the world with or without your friends!
  • Set Homes - Set several different "home" locations in the world and teleport back to them! (see Survival Commands below)
  • Mail System - Send items and books to other players, or receive something a player has sent to you! (see Survival Commands below).
  • PvP Combat Lock - When two players fight, they cannot use teleport commands or logging out to escape until combat has ceased!
  • Leads with Mobs - When you lead a mob if you teleport over 500 blocks it will go with you!
  • Drop Party's - Small events from time to time that give you free and sometimes rare loot for survival, these events are normally held at Spawn.
  • Clans - Get some friends, take on other clans and rack up points until you become the highest ranking clan on the Server!
  • Dergons - Look out! Specially modified Enderdragons (AKA dergons) can spawn in the overworld and wreak havoc!
  • Runsafe Bank - Store your items safety at the bank and access them from any enderchest!
  • The Market - Exchange gems and purchase unique items for Survival at the marketplace!
  • Auction House - Place to bid your items.

Survival Rules

  • All general rules apply (see Rules).
  • Don't complain extensively if your base is griefed, Survival is a free-for-all world with PvP enabled.
  • Do not beg people for things like food for an extended period of time.

Survival Commands

  • /sethome <name> - Sets your current location as one of your homes.
  • /home <name> - Teleports you to the specified home location.
  • /delhome <name> - Deletes the specified home location.
  • /bank - Teleports the player to the bank at spawn.
  • /market - Teleports the player to the marketplace at spawn.
  • /mail v - Opens your mail inbox.
  • /mail send <player>- Allows you to send a player a package for a fee of 1 diamond.
  • /mail sendbook - Allows you to send a player a book for a fee of 10 gold ingots.
  • Full Command Reference

Survival Questions

  • How do I get into Survival? - Type /spawn, and look for the SMP sign. **CURRENTLY BROKEN!** Use a home set in survival or contact an admin on discord/teamspeak
  • Is griefing allowed? - Yes, Survival is a free world.
  • PvP on? - PvP is enabled.
  • Can I use mods/hacks to find items or bases? - No, you will be banned.
  • Why can't I break blocks? - Ask for the builder rank!
  • What is the difficulty setting? - Hard.