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Crayble1 received the magical head of Alvadar64 at the original Wizard PvP event.


Are you tired of running into the battlefield clad in heavy armour? Cast aside your sword, throw on your wizard hat and light up the fray with magic in our new unique mini-game! Cast spells of fire, shadow, frost or nature to defeat your opponents! Created by our developers, Wizard PvP offers an original new experience that you won't find on any other server.

How to play

Wait in the lobby with other players until the match starts. Once it does, you will be teleported into the arena. In your inventory you will find several items that can be used to cast spells of a certain element randomly signed to your character each match. Casting spells requires no experience or background in wizardry, simply point and click to use your magical items and defeat your opponents! When you are killed, you will be teleported out of the arena briefly before re-spawning. The match runs on a timer. Your goal is to obtain more kills than anyone else before the match ends. Good luck!

Wizard PvP Rules

  • All general rules apply (see Rules)

PvP Commands

  • /wpvp - Brings you to the Wizard PvP Lobby.

Wizard PvP Questions

  • I see someone hacking, what do I do? Report it to a member of staff in a private message by using /m <playername>
  • I found a bug, what do I do? Again tell a staff member by using /m <playername>
  • I saw someone flying, what do I do? The pattern here should be obvious.
  • There is a huge problem and I can't find any staff members online, what do I do? Staff members are purple or red. If you do not see anyone with a name in these colors, look for help on the Runsafe Teamspeak Server. Go to Player Ranks for a full list of staff rankings and members. See Rules for a full list of spleef rules.