Wolf Hunt

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Wolf Hunt is a special feature on Runsafe that allows you to track down a player's location in the Survival world. When players are killed in Survival, they will drop vials of their blood. Right-clicking your own tamed wolf with a blood vial will cause the wolf to growl in the direction of that player. The blood vial is typically consumed after one use.

Important Notes

  • It does not matter how far away the player is, the wolf will know their direction when the vial is used.
  • If the player is not online or in the Survival world, the wolf will not know where they are, and the vial will be wasted.
  • If the player is reasonably close, the wolf will growl even louder.
  • All of the the wolf's growl directions are indicated with a chat message. The physical wolf does not turn in the direction of the player.

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