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DBD (Dibbity-Doo) is a Clan with roots in the original 2014 clans era on Runsafe. In 2023, the clan was revitalized by MrMarc45689 and iliketoeatpenuts.


The following quoted text is logged from the original DBD wiki page.

"DBD started off as the clan STD (Super Tough Dudes), with Crayble1, the most amazing person ever, as the leader, and iliketoeatpenuts, mddoctor1016, MrMarc45689, and BenTheDragonborn as the members. One day, Cryable decided to hatch a plan to betray and ruin Posh (Now known as KOS). He proceeded to invite everyone to STD, but chose not to tell anyone originally in STD about his plan, or even get our opinions (No one but him wanted to betray posh). When the rest of the clan logged on, they were confused, and didn't want to be a part of a clan that size. iliketoeatpenuts, MrMarc45689, and BenTheDragonborn, decided they wanted to make a new clan. They thought long and hard to come up with a cool name, and eventually just started putting letters together and trying to figure out words that would work with that. When MrMarc said "DBD", iliketoeatpenuts just decided to read it as a word, and thus, Dibbity-Doo was born. When all Clan Stats were reset DBD was disbanded and most of DBD joined PGP. Then all clans were wiped and DBD was remade."

In 2023, MrMarc45689 brought DBD back once again, with several long time Runsafe players joining in to strengthen the ranks.


Past Members

Clan Statistics

Updated 2/15/24, current in-game statistics may be different

  • Total Enemy Clan Kills: 24
  • Total Enemy Clan Deaths: 3
  • Total Dergon Kills: 65

DBD holds the record for all-time Dergon Kills of any clan to exist on Runsafe