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Here you will find quick FAQs for the various features on Runsafe Minecraft.

Server Wide Questions

  • Can I have staff or OP? - The answer is no, so don't even ask.
  • Are hacks allowed? - Nope, if you are hacking you will be banned.
  • Why can't I play in survival or creative? - Simple, ask for the builder rank.
  • Can I have creative mode? - Nope, go to the creative world for creative mode.
  • Can I advertise a server IP in chat? - You will be banned if you do so.
  • Who is a member of staff? - Check the Player Ranks page for staff.

Survival Questions

  • How do I get into Survival? - Type /spawn, and walk to the Survival portal.
  • Is griefing allowed? - Yes, Survival is a free world.
  • PvP on? - PvP is enabled.
  • Can I use mods/hacks to find items or bases? - No, you will be banned.
  • Why can't I break blocks? - Ask for the builder rank!
  • What is the difficulty setting? - Hard.

Creative Questions

  • How do I get a plot? - Find empty plots by looking around or using /ct f. If this is your first plot you may use the command /ct claim. If not your first plot kindly ask a staff member to claim it for you. If all your previous plots have been approved, you can again claim an empty plot with /ct claim.
  • What is an "approved" plot? - If enough players got on your plot with /vote, it becomes an approved plot.
  • How can I add/remove players to my plot? - /ct m a <playername> adds a player to the plot you are standing in, /ct m r <playername> removes a player to the plot you are standing in.
  • How can I tell if a plot is claimed? - Right click it with a stick. If it does not show a plot name, it is free for claiming.
  • How many plots can I have? - Better question: How many can you fill with cool things?
  • A staff member won't give me another plot! - It is likely you have not made something that the staff wants to see more of. Try building something new or improving what you have. If you wish to mess around in Creative, try singleplayer. The idea here is to build a creation. A house, a roller coaster, a big redstone machine, etc. If you have made something neat, staff will happily give you more space to build more neat things.
  • I tried to make my plot better, but they still won't give me a new plot! - Refer to the last answer.
  • Can I just start over? - Moderators and Admins can reset your plot if you don't like what you have made.
  • Can I get a bigger plot? - Generally, if you have proven yourself worthy with at least one decent plot, staff will happily grant you a larger plot for a bigger project (provided you actually know what you want to do with the space). Larger plots are made by joining smaller plots together. For example, a 2x2 plot is a square made out of 4 normal plots.
  • How do I get to a plot? - Use /ct te <playername>_<plotnumber>. If it is your plot you can access it through /ct te <plotnumber>.

Spleef Questions

  • I see someone hacking, what do I do? Report it to a member of staff in a private message by using /m <playername>
  • I found a bug, what do I do? Again tell a staff member by using /m <playername>
  • I saw someone flying, what do I do? The pattern here should be obvious.
  • There is a huge problem and I can't find any staff members online, what do I do? Staff members are the ones with blue, and red names. If you do not see anyone with a name in these colors, look for help on the Runsafe Teamspeak Channel. Go to Player Ranks for a full list of staff rankings and members.

PvP Questions

  • How do I get to PvP? - If you are a Guest, go to Spawn using /spawn and locate the warp portal for PvP. Builders can use /pvp t instead.
  • How do I become a Builder? - Ask a staff member, they will happily promote you from Guest to Builder.
  • How do I get into the arena? - You will spawn outside the arena near a small wall. Right click the sign on this wall to warp into the arena.
  • How do I get out of the arena? - Once you are no longer PvP logged you can use /pvp t or /spawn to get out of the arena.
  • How do I get gear? - From where you spawn using /pvp t, behind you is a staircase that goes down into the PvP lobby. Here you can find basic armour, bow and arrows and swords, along with health and speed potions.
  • How do I get better gear? - See PvP Shop.
  • But I don't want to do all that stuff to get items from the shop! - There is no reward for laziness.
  • What does my rating do? - It does a variety of things, but you can use it for keeping track of your skill level. Your rating starts at 1500 and goes up when you kill someone, or down when you are killed.
  • What determines the amount of PvP points I gain from a kill? - The amount of math needed to properly answer that would not fit here. To be short, you will gain a lot of points for killing someone with a much higher rating than yours, but few points from killing someone with a much lower rating than yours.
  • What determines the amount of rating I gain from a kill? - This works just like the PvP points, except you also can loose rating when killed. You will not loose PvP points unless you spend them.
  • Can I camp in the arena? - You can camp anywhere.
  • People keep killing me from behind after I've been fighting someone else! - Suit up and kill them back.
  • I keep getting killed quickly, how are people doing that? - They are much better PvPers than you.
  • No really, I can't even get close enough to hit them! - See last answer.
  • I think someone is hacking! - If you are really sure, report them to a staff member (players with blue, and red names are staff members. See Player Ranks)
  • People aren't giving me time to use the health potions! - Stop drinking juice in the middle of a war zone, are you mad!?