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Version 1.12 Spawn in 2023
Old Spawn in 2012
Spawn in its own world in 2015


Spawn is the server hub, where new players arrive, located at /spawn. Although it has seen many iterations, it presently sits in the Survival world, boasting portals to the other worlds and minigames. Spawn is also home to major locations such as The Market, The Hall Of Legends, the Runsafe Bank, The Lounge, and The Tunnel 3. Its most recent "Temple" design was built by TracerON for the update to 1.12.2 during the Runsafe Revival of 2023.


  • The Exits on either side of the current Spawn allow players to simply walk out into the Survival overworld.
  • The World Warps grant players quick access to alternative gameplay such as Creative, Spleef, Parkour, and the PvP Arena, located in the main clearing at /spawn.
  • The Portals & Snazzy Warps grant players easy access to The Nether, The End, Azuren, and general randomized locations in the Survival overworld, located just outside the main temple at /survival.
  • The Market allows players to purchase items in-game with valuables such as diamonds or gold. The inventory changes frequently, and unique items are common. It is accessible via the command /market.
  • The Hall Of Legends showcases the player heads and ranks (see Player Ranks) of many Runsafe players. It is regularly updated to display current staff, ex-staff, wizards, and those who have donated to the server. It is accessible via the command /hol.
  • The Runsafe Bank allows players to easily access a permanent enderchest and store precious items without the need to gather materials and craft one. It is accessible via the command /bank.
  • The Information Center features walls with a plethora of information about the server and its player ranks. It is accessible via the command /server.
  • The Lounge is a special location inside the temple, accessible only to members of Runsafe staff via the command /lounge.
  • The Old Lounge is a copy of the first ever staff lounge, originally found inside Old spawn. Its entrance is somewhat hidden.
  • Runsafe Station is a semi-publicly accessible area that features an actual jailing area for troublemakers. It can be found in the back of Spawn.
  • The Summoning Area showcases an example of a Summoning Ritual, and has the portal block used to accept a summons using an Eye of Ender. It can be found in the back of Spawn, to the right.
  • The Tunnel 3 is a terrible place, accessible via the dark hole in the ground.