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Kruithne in Minecraft

Kruithne is one of the lead developers for Runsafe. When she was active, her list of responsibilities included but was not limited to the following:

  • Planning and designing new server events and features with the other admins.
  • Maintenance, development and deployment of server plug-ins and the framework.
  • Monitoring all server activity and acting upon rule-breaks.
  • Handling ban appeals, bug reports and moderating the forum.
  • Helping keep the servers and network efficient and stable.

Plug-ins authored/contributed to

Notable Plots

  • kru_statue - Statue of Kruithne's previous skin.
  • kruithne_boat - A boat built following a schematic from MCSchematics
  • kruithne_calculator - An 8-bit calculator.
  • kruithne_pixel - Various pixel art, mostly Pokémon
  • kruithne_polar - A large scale 3D polar bear (Built by hand)
  • kruithne_survival - Kruithne's survival house (Rebuilt in survival)
  • kruithne_sp - Large scale 3D spider (Built by hand)