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This is the page of esteemed Wizard Proto007

Proto007, known to all as Proto, joined the server around Christmas 2011, making him amongst the older members of the server, he is a 17 year old British fellow with a reputation for being argumentative, somewhat whiny, heroically unprolific and rather flamboyant. Nevertheless he is respected as a talented builder and a member of the Triumvirate of power in the survival world, made up of himself, Propasta and behind_themask.
Proto Himself

Some Info About Proto

  • He is rather posh, but not all that posh
  • He may be the most powerful force in survival
  • Is the wealthiest person on the server, and has the most extremely rare loot
  • He bears grudges and whines like a woman
  • He is not even remotely sexist and will come down hard on homophobes
  • He sails for the UK at under 18 events every so often, and sails for the South-East of England every weekend
  • Terrified of spiders in real life and in Minecraft because they have frankly a ridiculous amount of legs
  • Supports Liverpool FC and loves football (Soccer)
  • Distrusts literally every single person on the server except Propasta
  • Has the First name of Henry, and the middle names of Rupert Gillespie
    Runsafe City
  • Is indisputably friendly to everyone
  • Owns the original Dragon Egg
  • Came third in The tunnel and Fifth in The Defense Of The Kingdom
  • Is one of the leaders of the Posh Group

Notable Creative Plots

  • Runsafe_City
  • Proto007_Fortress

The Story of Proto007

The Beginning- Proto joined the server, like so many others before him, in search of an honest game of spleef with his luncheon companions whilst at school, in Runsafe he discovered a wealth of spleef loving individuals, and enjoyed many days of joyous gaming before he set foot outside the arena. His first plot, which echopraxically was claimed for him by Propasta (who would later become his most trusted ally), was a tall tree with a floating island. He then moved on, creating a few rubbish plots here and there, notably a :Rocket Powered, Monkey Driven Sled: upon the request of Thall. Following on from this, he tried his hand at survival.

Survival Origins- Proto and his companions journeyed far to find a suitable location for their base, and borrowed deep underground where they were fortunate enough to find a chasm with a zombie spawner. Here he made his first grinder, a crude and somewhat laggy device, but it sufficed and soon he and his friends were equipped with epic gear and began raiding. However, this turned out to be a mistake for they raided the infamous Moltenclaw, a violent and shady character, akin to a mob boss in GTA, and he then bribed one of Proto's friends and demolished the base.

Creative- After losing everything, Proto tried his hand once again at creative, and was recognised for his talents, becoming a member of the legendary Bug City, ruled by the revered Wow_Gerald11. After setting up a guild for talented builders Proto befriended Wow_Gerald, and by extension his then ally, Propasta. He went and built a house on the island the two shared, but this was short lived, as Gerald betrayed his and Propasta's trust by demolishing the island. This served to cement "The Pro's" friendship, and they went on to swear to destroy all Gerald held dear, and were consequently evicted from Bug City, in the first move of what was to be a lengthy dispute.

The Gerald Wars Chapter 1- This was a period which defined Proto for the rest of his time on Runsafe, perhaps in a negative manner but certainly a noteworthy way. After being evicted from his cherished city, Proto vowed he would see Gerald banned before he would be satisfied, and he and Propasta created a plan to irritate the easily inflamed Gerald. They decided to build a replica city, immediately adjacent to Bug City, and continue it as if there was no difference, so as to be a member of the city, whether Gerald liked it or not. Within 1 hour they had filled the plot, and expanded it to too, recruiting talented builders from creative, Benjittk, KingoftheToast and Bumblebee, who would all go on to be trusted allies of Proto, this second plot was also instantly filled. Gerald, sensing the imminent danger posed by this fledging plot, began whining to the admins, who rightly decided the plot needed to be moved. But this did not stop Proto, now leader of the new plot, codenamed Bird City and he began recruiting new players and building at breakneck speed.

The Gerald Wars Chapter 2- Thanks to the near maniacal devotion stirred in his build squad, and firm leadership, Proto's plot began expanding at a stupid pace, growing by 4 plots a day over a period of 2 weeks. The City was built on the principle of colour and flair, in stark contrast to the bleak and realistic Bug City. However with the ever shrinking border between the two city's tensions began to boil over, and scarcely a day went by when Gerald and Proto were not reduced to petty name calling and slurs.Nevertheless, construction went on and soon Bird City was larger than Bug City, and became the new greatest city on the server, much to Geralds annoyance. He became so irate that his SU status was revoked, and this occurred at the same time as Pasta found and destroyed his base.

The Gerald Wars Chapter 3- It is widely agreed that this is where Gerald went clinically insane, handing over leadership of his now inferior city he left the city and the server, returning every so often to level a barrage of insults at Proto. Eventually this inhospitable behaviour got him banned, as promised by Proto, after almost 5months of war. But there were still wounds to heal, and the zeal with which residents of the opposing cities hated each other needed to be remedied. And so it was proposed by LegoBug, a true leader of men and a genuinely friendly chap, that the cities became merged, into a larger and more epic plot, named Runsafe City. Despite initial inhibitions from Proto, who saw this as a copout to the largely inferior Bug City, he accepted the deal in the name of peace. The merger created the largest plot on the server, with a combined area of over 200 plots, and Proto remains one of the three leaders of this gargantuan behemoth of a plot, a fact he is proud of to this day.

Back to Survival- During all this chaos, Proto had decided to return to survival, picking up the remains of his desolated base he travelled for many days to find a tiny (and i mean tiny) island in the middle of the sea. Here he began his castle, and after 6 months, it was just about complete, measuring 100x100 blocks in a circle, with walls 15 blocks high and a spectacular glass roof he began inviting guests. First came Propasta, Benjttk and Bumble, his most trusted associates. But Proto had always been sociable, and he invited more and more people to his base, notably ValconCrafter, BehindtheMask and Gonzo, this was to be his downfall. For one day Behind and Gonzo got bored, and laid waste to the castle, planting spider spawners, lava, and a Wither to demolish the castle. Proto was wounded, and he and Behind fought for about a month before they made peace, however Proto still won't let him forget the day he destroyed his base.

Proto hits it Bigtime- After the successful trading of the dragon egg, the most prized possession on the entire server, Proto was a wealthy man, and he began dabbling in PvP, creative and spleef again, it was around this time that Proto became SU, a hugely happy day. His new status opened doors and alliances everywhere, allowing him access to the first Party Base, the successful raiding of which gave him a fast grinder. He, Propasta and Keltq went and formed a new base, where Proto constructed a new base, bigger and better. Now almost complete, the base towers out of the water, 25 blocks high in a 200x200 area. This is widely regarded as the greatest survival base built on runsafe, and certainly the largest. Here he began diamond mining and trading of valuable items, until he had amassed a great fortune in diamonds and armour.

The Fortress

The Raids- Proto noticed that a new balance of power was forming, around the large group including Jesse, Kiaz and Kru, and conspired to sort this out. Using tactics he had learned in the Gerald Wars, he planted a spy in their base, and planned to wait until they had stored their riches, and then steal them. However a brash move by Behind lead to the spy being exposed, and only minor plunder gained. Probably in retaliation, the aforementioned fortress that Proto had built, was destroyed, many of his diamonds taken, and his grinder stolen. This was a dark time for Proto, having built the base over several months, and he left the server for a while.

The Current Situation- Propasta and Mask decided to leave forever just as Proto returned, however before they left they transferred all their worldly goods to Proto, including, but not limited too, The Dragon Egg, Two Sponges, A Wizard Head, Many stacks of diamond blocks, and Doc's Head. This makes him the wealthiest person on the server, who also has the most valuable collection. In addition he has built a new base, not as large as before, but much more striking, where he lives with other members of Posh in peace. Most recently he has ascended to the respected wizard rank, having done his fair share of hard work as a staff member.

Orbis- The New Base