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Image: The one and only Propasta
Rank Wizard
Title Bug Finder / PvP Lover


Propasta is a Wizard on the Runsafe Minecraft server. He first joined in 2011, making him one of the longest-standing active users to date. He started as a Minecraft player, but later transitioned to primarily playing League of Legends. He was the leader of KOS, and was well known for his PvP and Survival gameplay. His griefing and scamming and killing made him many enemies, but he was also able to rally many strong players to his alliances.

Notable Achievements


Propasta returned to Runsafe more than 5 years after his last login under the name LoLSubmit in January of 2024. The Propasta Minecraft account was never migrated to a Mojang account or a Microsoft account, so it is now lost. As LoLSubmit, he joined DBD and was quickly back to his old ways of griefing and killing. He also became a great Dergon slayer, propelling his clan to the top of the all-time rankings.