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There he is
Zozael with Gameboy graphics

JettKuso was the community manager on the Runsafe Minecraft Server until he disappeared. His duties included advertising the server, managing public relations, managing the staff, keeping Dog updated, keeping the wiki updated, keeping the Twitter updated, moderating the forums, generating content for the YouTube channel, helping plan and host server events, frequently reevaluating the server for out-dated content, organizing bugs on Bugzilla, and assisting the other administrators in whatever way possible. He had a reputation for eating a lot of cookies. He eventually disappeared without warning and was later awarded the rank of Wizard.

NOVEMBER 2023 UPDATE: JettKuso was/is the brother of YouTuber "JettKuso", playing with a shared Minecraft account. Today, he co-runs the JettKuso channel, where you may occasionally hear him behind the camera, or referred to by his real name Conner. He returned to an administrative position on the Minecraft server under his newer account name Zozael during the Runsafe Revival.

Fun Facts about JettKuso

  • Most of his sleep takes place during the day.
  • As a young boy, he would pedal his bike as fast as he could just for the feeling of speed.
  • Today he holds the official world record for "Most near-fatal injuries from riding a bike".
  • As of May 2023, he is 27 years old. This is the oldest he has ever been.
  • He is a professional filmmaker, as well as a music producer and musician (drummer/guitarist).
  • He still enjoys practicing driving on a simulator with a steering wheel, gearshift and pedals.
  • He obtained the car he always wanted in 2018.
  • He sometimes refers to himself in third person.
  • JettKuso does not know what that means.
  • Look at him. Look at him and laugh!


The island.

JettKuso was once a very active Survival player. His homes were generally carved into other things, lined with obsidian and containing only what was necessary to survive. He was present at many bases with many different people (including The Phoenix), one such example being a heavily terraformed mushroom island covered in a layer of grass. Jett later avoided survival in general to focus on other things.


Red Vs Green, Orange Vs Blue, and Pink Vs Purple
Race cars at Zozael_1
Race cars at Max8abug_3


In the Creative world, JettKuso built three multiplayer maze/puzzle games that few people actually play. Two of them are simple "1 on 1" maze games, while the third is a four player "2 on 2" team game with a combination of small mazes and puzzles. The object of all three games remains the same: Reach the center of the plot before the opposition. All three games each consist of two identical L-shaped complexes squished together, and both lead to a center room. Of course, each complex is represented by a different color. Players start on opposite sides of the plot, and each enter their chosen complex at the same time. From that point on, it is a race to see who can navigate through their complex faster and reach the center of the plot.


  • Pink Vs Purple is a two player "1 on 1" game, and each complex contains nothing more than a simple one block high maze. Co-created by PinkPickle55. The plot name is JettKuso_5.
  • Orange Vs Blue is another two player game, but the mazes are two blocks high instead of one. Both complexes are broken up into four sections marked by three "checkpoints". The plot name is JettKuso_4.
  • Red Vs Green is a four player "2 on 2" game featuring a combination of maze sections and simple puzzles inside each complex. Four players must split up into two teams of two players, and each team must work together to reach the center of their chosen complex first -- this makes it the most challenging of the three games. Unlike the other two plots, Red Vs Green has puzzles that each require a manual reset after a game takes place. Therefore, JettKuso most be online to start and manage a game of Red Vs Green. The other games feature pressure-plate activated start systems that allow players to begin a game on their own. The plot name for Red Vs Green is JettKuso_3.

JettKuso's other plots in Creative:

  • JettKuso_1 - Built in mid 2012 when JettKuso was an inexperienced Builder who wanted a fort.
  • JettKuso_2 - Seemingly innocent plot with nothing more than a cobblestone castle on it. Right?
  • JettKuso_6 - The perfect habitat for your average Steve. Includes a house, tunnels, hidden ores and more.
  • JettKuso_7 - A tacky emerald castle forged from the very essence of JettKuso's raw uncontrollable boredom.
  • JettKuso_8 - Very large "afk ride" for sitting/riding in when one is afk. This was actually a tricky thing to design.
  • JettKuso_9 - What is The tunnel? Nobody really knows, but this plot claims to have two of the obstacles that were once inside of it.
  • JettKuso_10 - This plot appears to be a giant note block. But wait, what's that? It can play a song too? Yeah right. Everyone knows note blocks are useless.
  • JettKuso_11 - Closed for repairs after numerous reports of a "haunted ride" or some nonsense. JettKuso fails to see what the fuss is about, it looks completely fine!
  • JettKuso_12 - A "post apocalypse" version of the Survival spawn used from December 2012 to May 2013. It placed third in the Spring 2013 Creative Contest, and was later used to replace the old spawn in the Survival world after the current Runsafe spawn was built.
  • JettKuso_13 - A strange, challenging plot designed to make you use that brain. Start at the very bottom of the structure and try to find your way up through the inside. If you reach the top, your observational skills probably aren't half bad. A fun plot to try with friends. (It's also fun to watch it confuse people after you've already beaten it)
  • JettKuso_14 - A small, purpose-built "flying machine" that can serve as a fully functional base in Survival. This small craft contains five chests, four furnaces and other necessities, such as a crafting table, anvil, brewing stand, enderchest, and jukebox (for listening to some tunes). Though the creation has been named "The B9 Compact Airbase" (or just B9), most players call it other things, such as "The Jettmobile" or "Jett-jet".
  • JettKuso_15 - A large scale, Formula 1 inspired race car.
  • JettKuso_16 - Same thing, but make it lava.
  • JettKuso_17 - A futuristic race car concept in the same large scale.

UPDATE: Additional plots built after the Runsafe Revival:

  • Zozael_1 - A collection of player scale race cars, also found at Max8abug_3. The designs are original, based on Zozael's old race cars from 2013 (hidden within JettKuso_15). They have a top speed of 0 mph. A tutorial for building the cars can be found underground, along with "working cockpit" versions of all the designs.