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Dog responding to a player on minecraft..
On Runsafe Dog is the server AI. Dog acts like a basic Moderator on the server he answers questions on the server that players would ask. Dog normally will answer questions such as....

Known DOG phrases

  • "How do I claim a plot?" - Will answer how to obtain a plot in creative mode.
  • "How do I make a boat?" - Will give a crafting recipe for a boat.
  • "How do I make a door?" - Will give a crafting recipe for a door.
  • "<Item/Player> - is indestructible! - Will answer with "But will it blend"
  • "Hello DOG!" - DOG will say hello to you.
  • "Goodbye DOG!" - DOG will say goodbye to you.
  • "Fuck you DOG!" - DOG will answer with: "Well, this is out of the blue! You are just a *** *** ***, <Username>.", using 3 randomly chosen words.
  • "I love you DOG!" - DOG will answer with: "I am currently learning how to love, <Username>."
  • "Has anyone seen <playername>?" - DOG will respond by running a seen on the player and posting it in chat.
  • "*** stick it in ***" - If anything is said containing "stick it in", dog will respond with "That's what she said, <playername>.
  • "Shut up dog!" - DOG will respond with "Make me."
  • "Dog needs to be updated." - DOG will respond with "One does not simply update me."
  • "Ping" - DOG replies with some jibberish not many understand...
  • "Slam" - DOG replies with lyrics from the song, "Slam" by Pendulum.
  • "Dog, you're broken" - DOG responds with "I do what I want."
  • "I remember you" - DOG tells you where he remembers you from.
  • "Who am I?" - DOG tells you that he doesn't know you.
  • "Where am I?" - DOG replys with "How am I supposed to know, <Playername>".
  • "Where is <Username>?" - DOG replies telling the world the player is located in.
  • "Prepare the ban cannons!" - DOG prepares the ban cannons.
  • "Execute Order 66" - DOG responds with "It shall be done, my lord.".
  • "Baby don't hurt me" - DOG responds with "What is love? Baby don't hurt me.."
  • "When does a narwhal bacon?" - DOG responds with "A narwhal bacons at midnight."
  • "I am your king" - DOG responds with "Well I didn't vote for you."
  • "Kru?" - DOG responds with "Nope, sorry, nothing."
  • "Jett?" - DOG responds with "Jettkuso will likely respond if you ask him a proper question, <Username>."
  • "I want to have sex" - DOG responds with "I no longer want to live on this planet."

"Who is" Responses

Only the players below have 'DOG tags', which are triggered by saying
Who is <playername>?
You do not have to type out their full username, and can use nicknames, if the nickname is known by most players.

If you or someone else that has a dog tag isn't on this list, feel free to add them yourself, or get someone who can to do it for you.