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The Phoenix was a group in Survival, most well know for their 5,000,000+ coord bases (which were possible and not common back then) and their raid on Proto007's massive castle. The group was formed by Jesse_070296, kiiaz, Mintus001, JettKuso, and Kruithne. An exact list of the group's official members never existed, however Nerothis, Yuliette, PinkPickle55, Kennny92, BumbleBee0123, and Naxanria have all lived with (or near) the group at some point. The so-called leader of the group was not actually known, and most seemed to assume it was Jesse_070296 - however this was not actually true, as the group had no leader.

Origins & Early Events

The events began to unfold after the destruction of SkyBase Infinity, the old home of many different Survival players, including Jesse_070296, kiiaz and Mintus001. The base was destroyed in mid-2013 by a strange new player going by the name "Skalamandar", who claimed to be a member of a survival cult known as The Black Dawn. This was supposedly when JettKuso and Kruithne chose to form an alliance with Jesse_070296, kiiaz and Mintus001, forming The Phoenix.

The group apparently moved from place to place, which was made out to be because of Skalamandar tracking the team wherever they went, meddling with bases and putting them at risk. While this was close to the truth, it was later revealed that Skalamandar was actually an alt account owned by Kruithne, allowing her to manipulate events in her own favor or for the benefit of the entire group if necessary. The Phoenix itself was ultimately an organized survival team trying to build a big base with a few other allies. Despite this overall simple goal, some of the group's members were not completely "in cahoots" with the underlying Skalamandar charade, which led to several complicated situations internally. While no exact record of what happened currently exists, there is one widely known event that took place as a result of the group's presence in the Survival world.

Raiding Proto007's Castle

Due to the large amounts of Minecraft wealth held by the group, Proto007 and his allies felt somewhat threatened as the "strongest survival alliance" and opted to make The Phoenix a target. Supposedly, Proto007 attempted to bring himself, Propasta and behind_themask to a "Phoenix base" by offering one of the members a reward. Ultimately, it had been the beginnings of a trap laid by The Phoenix, who tricked the group by having their "betrayer" summon behind_themask to a fake base instead. behind_themask quickly performed a raid on this "base", proving that he and his allies had all intentions of causing real damage. The Phoenix retaliated by traveling to Proto's base location via unknown intel, and raiding/griefing the massive location. This appeared to nip the blooming "war" in the bud, with Proto007 and his allies temporarily abandoning Survival. Proto007 ultimately went on to revamp his alliance as "POSH", which later became the clan KOS.

Aftermath & The Black Dawn

The Phoenix disbanded shortly after the raid on Proto007's castle, satisfied with how things had worked out in the end, and more or less remaining allies in the Survival world. The Phoenix ceased to exist, but The Black Dawn and Skalamandar appeared once more in the server event Black Dawn Proving Grounds, with JettKuso and Kruithne/Skalamandar both claiming afterwards that the apparent survival cult might have a hand in future server events. Notably, The Black Dawn was somehow involved in setting up The Trial, a server event forcing players to traverse another tunnel resembling The tunnel from earlier that year. In months following, JettKuso (Zozael) would vanish from the server entirely, until the Runsafe Revival.