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Ratlys rebranding in his image.

Ratlys is one of the server Moderators (see Player Ranks). He joined on the 24th of September 2023 during the Runsafe Revival, and logs on at strange hours of the day. Ratlys loves playing on the Survival world, but is always happy to chat. Ratlys is very fond of Runsafe, and loves playing with others online. He likes building structures and houses, but never seems to fully complete any of them.

Sort of Fun Facts

  • Ratlys lives in Australia (hence the odd online schedule)
  • His real name isn’t James
  • He has a weird obsession with cheese, particularly grated mozzarella
  • His name is pronounced rat-liss, not rat-lees
  • He is a big fan of the game Biomutant
  • At one point stole the Declaration of Independence
  • Can do 7 consecutive pull-ups
  • Was born in January of 2009
  • Sometimes uploads youtube videos
  • His name auto-corrects to “Rates
  • Likes playing the drums
  • Spells colour the correct way

Survival Stories

Rabbiton in the Creative Server
Ratlys’s new house
The Motel


Ratlys first joined Runsafe with his friend LachiDaPotato, and soon got to work exploring the Survival world. After a bit of traveling, they came across a rabbit in the mountains which they later named “Charle,” who jumped off a cliff, and died soon after discovery.

A New Home

Ratlys and LachiDaPotato eventually stumbled on a small plains biome which they decided to set as their home. They built a small hobbit-hole in a hill, and named the area Rabbiton, after Charle, and after the vast amount of rabbits that spawned. Over time, Rabbiton grew from a few small houses and a farm into an entire town, with rabbit sanctuaries, animal pens, multiple houses (some even went empty because of the pair's refusal to build an interior), and multiple farms growing wheat, carrots, potatoes, and nether wart. They also built a monument to Charle, where they placed his rabbit hide, which they recovered from his death.

Gearing Up

Over time the pair would gear up with full enchanted diamond armour, thanks to their mine beneath Rabbiton. One day, Ratlys was strip mining, and fell into an underground base with a skeleton spawner and a few farms. They would later find the base to be occupied by player Axi0m0f2009, but for the meantime they would use the spawner as a method for gaining XP. Ratlys eventually would purchase a skeleton spawner from the Runsafe Market, and implement it in Rabbiton. Around this time they would befriend, and talk to Axi0m0f2009, who helped them get a villager to trade with for emeralds. Ratlys, bored, traveled the overworld in search of notable builds, and ended up interacting with the then-Wizard Zozael, who told him a bit about the server and its history.

The Next Stage

Ratlys and LachiDaPotato would head to the nether in search of wither skulls, but emerged unsuccessful. LachiDaPotato had died to a swarm of zombified Piglins, and Ratlys searched the nether fortress for his gear. He would eventually find it, but LachiDaPotato had still lost a lot of his things. After a bit, the pair would get to work building a large watchtower at Rabbiton. It would be useful to note that a few days prior, player TracerON asked for the coordinates to Rabbiton (after a bit of discussion in chat), and Ratlys had provided incorrect coordinates, leading TracerON roughly 5,000 blocks away from the actual Rabbiton, this would, in turn, spite TracerON. In the meantime, Ratlys would work on a spherical underwater bunker fitted with obsidian walls.


One day, Ratlys would log on to Runsafe, and saw, in horror, that Rabbiton had been griefed by TracerON with the help of player Max8abug. This left Ratlys and LachiDaPotato homeless, with nothing but the items they had with them. TracerON and Ratlys would later stumble upon each other, and get into a short fight, but after a bit of consideration, Ratlys would run away, in fear of losing the only items he had left.

A Silver Lining

A few of the admins had taken a liking to Rabbiton, and even included some of the buildings in the 2023 Halloween Event map. Admin Centralan had made a copy of Rabbiton, which was later moved to a plot in the Creative world, which Ratlys and LachiDaPotato would then restore to its original glory. If you want to visit Rabbiton in the Creative, run the command /ct te rabbition


The fact was, Ratlys was still homeless, and with the help of Axi0m0f2009, created a small base underground with all the necessary items to start back up again. He then began construction of a huge house, using wood and green clay (thanks to the market). Over the next few days, he would log in less, and progress on the house was slow. At one point, Ratlys had his game sounds turned down, so a Dergon spawned at his house, burning half of it down. This taught Ratlys a valuable lesson (keeping sounds turned on), and further fueled his hatred towards Dergons (one had previously burnt all his diamond armour)


LachiDaPotato would log on, and together they would build a monument to Rabbiton amidst its ruins, and Ratlys would bring LachiDaPotato to their new house. At this point, Ratlys and TracerON were no-longer rivals, and became friendlier with each other. LachiDaPotato was also able to retrieve Charle’s rabbit hide from Max8abug, who had saved it before griefing Rabbiton.

The 1.12 Update

Ratlys would continue logging in semi-regularly (always at strange times), and began work on a pyramid-esc building in the sky at the new spawn, just behind the “survival” sign. Of course, the Pyramid was not in-line with the sign (aptly pointed out by TracerON). Around this point is when Ratlys was promoted by the server Admins from Builder+ to Super-User (See Player Ranks), much to the gratitude of Ratlys.

Ratlys still plays on the server, and can be found in the Survival world, or discussing stuff in chat. Feel free to interact with Ratlys, since rats are social creatures.


Ratlys hasn’t done a lot of work in the Creative world in Runsafe, owning only a couple of plots;

  • Ratlys_1 - A plot where he just builds random stuff that comes to his mind
  • Ratlys_2 - The plot where Rabbiton is situated, co-owned by LachiDaPotato
  • Max8abug_2 - A plot shared with Max8abug, where they built the Norwich State Hospital