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Sword Dancer, Cleric of Eilistraee

TracerON is an Admin (See Player Ranks) and long time Runsafe player.

Their exact identity from the past is unknown, but they are believed to have played during the earliest days of the server, a claim which seems to have been verified by the likes of the admins on some level. According to Dog, TracerON is secretly the former staff member/Super User Wow_Gerald11 on an alt account. Whether or not this info carries truth or simple misdirection remains unclear.


  • Was seeemingly present from the very beginning of the Runsafe Revival
  • Famously griefed Rabbiton with grandiose levels of destruction
  • Built the current Runsafe Spawn, along with the one used right before it
  • Major contributor to Newfriend Base and New Newfriend Base
  • Simultaneously defeated two Dergons alone... in the dark
  • Good choice for an ally, and vice versa

Notable Creative plots:

  • TracerON_4 - Young-Hee (Doll from Squid Game)