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Centralan main.png
Rank Admin
Title Server Operations & Player Management
DOB HaHa no

Centralan (Formally known as Jesse_070296) is one of the Runsafe Administrators. On Runsafe you can find Centralan touching just about every part of the server to try and make it better, both for the looks, and the players. While playing on Runsafe make sure you're following the rules, Centralan has habbits to go around and spy on players when they least suspect it. While Centralan is not on Runsafe there are plenty of other places you can find him.

Fun Blurbs about Centralan

  • Real name is Jesse.
  • Likes playing games such as Halo, Battlefield, and Destiny.
  • Has gone through all the ranks Runsafe has, or once had.
  • Jesse has in fact been banned at one point.
  • Never has a consistent sleeping pattern.
  • Was very skillful in the survival world, now has little time to mess around with it.
  • Enjoys making YouTube videos.

Plug-ins Authored/Contributed to

LUA Scripts Authored/Contributed to

Survival Tales

A Base that has been forgotten in the past.

Jesse has had a long past in the survival world. Jesse has had moments of great success with gaining wizard heads and other fantastic items. On the downside Jesse has lost countless bases to many players in the survival which at some points made him lose a wizard head, a skybase, and much more. It was said that Jesse was once part of The Phoenix but it's still unclear and it's a story for another time.

The 1st 2014 Reset

After lots of thinking, debating, and some tears, the survival world has finally come to the point of its first reset. Since we were relocating into a new world Jesse has filled 3 Banks & 13 Mailboxes full of items in preparation of a new world. Jesse has massive plans for an upcoming survival base with his friends and their new clan (VVV), along with creating his own base. These bases will be riddled with traps and secret tunnels. Jesse also has plans to team with select few players to get the greater footing in the survival world. The new world will be full of danger and excitement and Jesse plans to enter it with full speed.

Memento Mori

After the reset of the survival world Jesse parted with his friends and created the clan Memento Mori, or better known as VVV. VVV consisted of Jesse_070296, Kiiaz, MkX13, Mintus001, and Nerothis. This group of friends ran off into the world and immediately started to cause problems for members in other clans. The plan on day one was not to build a groupbase, but to raid all 3 strongholds for the silverfish spawners. VVV went in without a trace and grabbed all 3 spawners then watched as other players became furious to find out the spawners have been stolen. With that taken care of the group found a mountain which became the location of the group grinder, base, and dergon hill. Things went well for the group after that, VVV held 1st and 2nd place in the clan rankings during its lifetime before being disbanded by Jesse_070296 because of a series of unfortunate events that lead to the banning of all the other VVV members. With the other members gone Jesse was forced to find new friends to play survival with. The VVV clan base still is intact today with loot remaining from the old members, and may still be in use somewhat by Jesse.

What are friends?

After Jesse lost his clan mates and disbanded VVV he started to not play survival as much and began to just sit around. Not long after these events Jesse received an "invite" from mddoctor1016 to come and live at the DBD circle base. After days of travelling Jesse made it to the base. Having decided to tell nobody about his arrival Jesse stayed at the base in secret with nobody but mddoctor1016 knowing. Slowly Jesse began to tell members of DBD that he lived there. In shock each one had no idea that he was there, and wondered how long he has been there. It took 30 days for all the DBD members to find out Jesse's secret after that Jesse was invited to join DBD.

Let's try this again

A look at the bases on the TNT land.

Just days after joining DBD, Jesse left the clan to start playing with his friends Jesters_Majesty & OneUnknownPlayer who he invited after the banning of his other friends. Jesse then created the clan called ACJ, now known as TNT with himself and his close friends. TNT went off and built a small little base that was just outside the snazzy radius and lived there for a few days. Soon after an item called "Summoning Vouchers" appeared in the market so Jesse and friends bought a few and got a teleport to Jesse's base and has begun to live and expand greatly in the area of Jesse's old solo base.