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The guy who ate the bug

Max8abug is a Moderator (see Player Ranks) on the server who joined in early September 2023 during the Runsafe Revival. He plays both the Survival and Creative world, Spleef, and PvP. Max8abug mostly plays to build, but also plays to base hunt for the purpose of finding long-forgotten bases.


  • Max8abug day is February 17th!
  • He is a history enthusiast
  • Max was actually his childhood dog (yes he ate a bug)
  • He explores abandoned buildings
  • He does landscape photography on film cameras occasionally
  • He does vintage technology stuff
  • He likes music
  • He mostly lives off of Italian food
  • He used to be a mac and cheese food critic, and rated probably every restaurant on the east coast north of Connecticut
  • He is currently being trained to be certified in Electronics Technologies
  • He skiis sometimes

Survival World

The original house
The Sky House
Norwich State Hospital WIP in Creative

Max8abug joined the survival world sometime in early September 2023 (at least before the 9th) and immediately chose an area on spawn and flattened it while his fried OctaDex who is known for appearing once a month built the first floor of the iconic house. The next morning, Max logged on to find the house burnt down, and instead of doing the logical thing and moving away decided to rebuild the house but bigger, forever setting the trend of adding to the house after each grief.

Sky House

Not long after, Max’s base had already been griefed 8 times and was lava cast over. While clearing the lava cast and adding the new floor to continue the tradition of expanding the house, Centralan Offered to raise the house into the sky, and at that moment the sky house was born, and to this day still stands above spawn expanding with each grief.


While base hunting, Max8abug found a base he was easily able to Identify as LachiDaPotato and Ratlys' base Rabbiton. Max, knowing that the base was being searched for griefed and looted it, and then gave the coordinates to TracerON and watched as Rabbiton was reduced to a crater in the ground. To this day Rabbiton is the only griefing Max is involved in.


Max8abug spends a lot of time on the creative server yet only owns 2 plots

  • Max8abug_1 - an exact copy of the Iconic sky island the day it was moved into the air by Centralan
  • Max8abug_2 - A massive recreation of the Norwich State Hospital (Work In Progress)