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Here you can find answers to everything about Runsafe!

If on the off chance your question is not answered on this page you should email an Admin.

Most questions can be found by visiting the General Questions page.

Want to join the Teamspeak server and talk to other members? Head to the TeamSpeak guide to get started.

Need help using some of those pesky Server Commands? Visit the Command Reference

Have questions about the Survival world? Visit the Survival page.

Need help in the creative world and how to get a plot? Visit the Creative page.

Not sure what it takes to fight players in PvP? Visit the PvP Arena page.

Want to play some Last Man Standing but not sure how? Head to the LMS (Last Man Standing) wiki.

At this point if your questions have not been answered you need professional help. Please email a Server Admin, or reach a Moderator from the Player Ranks page.